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Democratic Psyop? Robin Vos Recall Effort Supported By Democrats

Matthew Snorek

Is the recall Robin Vos effort a Democratic psyop to help Democrats seize control of the Legislature and turn Wisconsin into California?

The failed candidates behind the effort to recall Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos are bragging that Democrats are involved in the recall effort. They say Democrats are “excited” to help oust Vos. They told a Democratic County Party that they would “really love your help,” Wisconsin Right Now has documented.

In other words, the recall organizers are counting on DEMOCRATS joining their effort to get enough signatures against Vos. They are trying to oust the Republican leader from a district that won’t exist in a few months, right as his redistricting talents are needed by Republicans more than ever before to retain control of the Legislature under Tony Evers’ partisan legislative maps.

The recall organizers aren’t hiding this. They are bragging about it. Openly.

Recall organizer Matthew Snorek, a failed Burlington candidate and pest exterminator who has labeled Vos “trash,” wrote on Facebook, “8$ per valid signatures you can legally get and bonus of 500$ for highly motivated individual! Who wants to help save WI? We have Dems and Republicans very excited and helping in this effort!!!”

Snorek admitted on Facebook on Feb. 28 that he is not a Republican, declaring himself “3.5 years clean and sober from the GOP!” Although he claims he’s not a Democrat, he has declared that he is “excited” that Democrats are helping with the recall effort.

According to the Racine Journal-Times, the Town of Burlington recently cited Snorek for $12,000 “stemming from past violations of community property standards.” The newspaper says Snorek was found guilty in municipal court in 2021 for failing to clear junk outside his home, including tires and toys.

Robin vos recall

The Walworth County Democratic Party made it clear they are willing to help the recall Vos efforts.

“Walworth County Dems ready to collect signatures in Burlington. Please contact Ellen at emholly75@gmail.com,” they wrote on the Recall Vos Facebook page. The response from Vos recall organizers? “Sent an email. Or find us on Facebook and send a PM.”

The Vos recall page wrote the Walworth County Democratic Party, “We would really love your help. Let me see if I can add a message button 🙂”

The Kenosha News also reported that “recall leaders say they are finding support among Republicans and Democrats.” They quoted organizer Matthew Snorek as saying, “The energy is good on both sides.” The headline on the story says that organizers are “attracting both Democrats and Republicans.”

Snorek (who goes by the name Matthew Allan on Facebook) wrote on Facebook, “We keep plugging along and have great energy for the recall vos effort… 4 Dems signed when I told them this is bipartisan and he’s failed them too!”

When the recall cabal held a recall Vos event, Snorek admitted in a Facebook post that as many as 40% of the people there don’t even live in Vos’s district.

The recall cabal also posted a flyer that bulleted reasons Democrats should oppose Vos.

Among their reasons? That he “interferes” with the liberal-controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The Recall Vos Facebook page, which has a small membership, shared the flyer and wrote, with a spelling error, “The facts are clear on both sides of the isle. Robin Vos doesn’t serve the people, he serves himself. Let’s come together and make a difference for all the people of Wisconsin.” A man wrote on that page, “Call in some Dem Election Managers to run the Recall – You will have more Votes to Recall, than there are ‘Eligible Voters’ in all of the 63rd… Dem & Repub combined!”

But another man responded on the comment thread, “Don’t be fooled by these people. This Recall Vos nonsense is nothing but democrat run operation intended to divide the Republican Party so they can retake power.”

Like others behind the recall effort, Snorek is a failed candidate.

Others involved include Jay Schroeder, who lost the Secretary of State race, and Adam Steen, who lost a primary and write-in campaign against Vos. Harry Wait, who is facing election-related criminal charges, is also involved.

Robin Vos has a very conservative voting record – more than 92% conservative over his lifetime, according to CPAC:

A second “recall Robin Vos” Facebook page – which does not appear to be the official Facebook page of the recall organizers – recently shared a Facebook post from a woman who called President Donald Trump a “criminal.” That entire “recall Robin Vos” Facebook page, which has 1,600 followers, is full of screeds trashing Republicans.

Although this isn’t the official Vos recall page, it does show how Democrats and Trump haters are fully embracing the effort to recall Vos.

One recent post shared by the recall Vos page says, “TRUMP AND REPUBLICANS MINGLE W/NAZIS AT CPAC. Trump and his Republican Klan welcomed Nazis to the CPAC convention in February 2024.” Another post shared by the page says, “Share everywhere. TRUMP’S RACISM SUPPORTED BY REPUBLICAN PARTY: Donald J. Trump is a White Supremacist, criminal and traitor to America w/ Russia.” The page’s followers include the Walworth County Democratic Party.


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