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An Emphatic NO to Displaying a Satanic Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year again, when Christmas decorations and lights go up, making things merry and bright everywhere. When you think of Christmas, what comes to mind? Holiday cheer, joy to the world, getting together with family, Christmas carols, hope, Jesus…Satan?

If you thought that I meant to spell Santa and mixed up the letters, you would be wrong. Apparently, the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay felt it was necessary to have a tree representing the Satanic Temple of Wisconsin in their Festival of Trees display this year. In the current state of our society, where anything and everything must be accepted in order to be “inclusive” at the expense of exposing our children to inappropriate content, even Satan needs his own display at a “family friendly” event.

So why was a Christmas tree for the Satanic Temple approved to be on display at the museum? Museum CEO Jacqueline Frank said in an interview with NBC 26 that “since the trees don’t promote hate, violence, or drug use, they’re within the guidelines of being on display.” The Museum says they don’t discriminate so anyone can have a tree displayed.

Satanic christmas tree

It seems to me that common sense is lacking here. Christmas is supposed to be about light and hope, not about Satan and darkness. Even if someone doesn’t believe in the devil or spiritual things, everyone knows Satan represents evil—no matter how much someone might try to twist things. Some of the ornaments on the tree displayed by the Satanic Temple have inverted pentagrams and at least one upside-down cross.

According to Britannica.com, “Sometimes the inverted figure of the pentagram, with two points facing upward and one facing down, is associated with negative or “black” magic and devil worship.” And an inverted cross in this context is meant to mock God and Christianity. Is this not considered hateful? Notice how the left allegedly doesn’t want to offend anyone—except they purposely try to be offensive towards conservative and Christian values.

Christmas literally means “Mass on Christ’s day” and is a well-known holiday meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It’s also worth noting that Christmas was made a federal holiday by Congress in 1870. Of course, it has changed over time into a secular celebration for some, which includes the character of Santa bringing gifts to children all over the world.

But even Santa has his origins in Christianity—Santa is based on the historical figure Saint Nicolas, a Christian monk who lived in the third century AD. So even if someone wants to be “inclusive,” including a tree from the Satanic Temple is antithetical to Christmas. Not to mention we don’t need to be promoting Satan to children. If I could insert a facepalm or eye roll emoji here I would.

It’s no surprise this is something we have to deal with in 2023. There has been an assault on traditional values by the left for many years. They have gradually chipped away at the foundational principles of our nation through the culture and government for decades. And Christmas is on that list of things to go after.

Jesus and St. Nick are apparently offensive to them–so offensive that recently city employees in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin were discouraged from doing something as harmless as using red and green colors to decorate for Christmas on public property, as a letter to city employees reveals.

So what should we do when a Christmas tree representing the Satanic Temple is displayed at a “family-friendly” event/business, or when it’s suggested government employees should avoid using red and green colors to decorate for Christmas in order to avoid offending anyone?

We speak out and push back.

Regarding the story in Wauwatosa, Jessica McBride explained one of the reasons WRN covered the story in Wauwatosa is because Tucker Carlson’s main message when he was in Brookfield recently was to stop accepting things that are totally insane and refuse to go along with them. In her words, “So, no, we aren’t calling snowmen snow people and cities don’t get to oppose red and green decorations at Christmas time without exposure.”

I couldn’t agree more. We need to say an emphatic NO to displaying a satanic Christmas tree (a total oxymoron) where families with Children will be strolling by. We need to protect the traditional values that have always been an important part of the fabric of our culture and nation.

For too long conservatives and level-headed Americans have been afraid to confront or be “controversial” by pushing back on absurd ideas in our society. But I’m done capitulating.

How about if you find Christmas offensive then don’t go to the festival of trees. Put up your own satanic tree which mocks Christmas at home. Don’t ruin Christmas for everyone else. I should be able to take my son to a Christmas-themed event without having to deal with Satanism being on display for my son to see. But common sense and decency seem to be a thing of the past.

We are where we are today because we have allowed these things to creep in until Pandora’s box of woke ideas has been opened wide and has infected our culture through academia, entertainment, government, corporations, and even churches. The left isn’t tolerant—they demand allegiance and conformity to their woke ideology and agenda. They pretend to be “inclusive, diverse, and tolerant” but they are the ones who shame and try to cancel anyone who disagrees with them on their ideology.

I would encourage you to call it like it is. It is absurd to give an equal platform to the Satanic Temple as if it’s morally equivalent or relevant to Christmas at a family-friendly event. Contact the National Railroad Museum and let them know you disapprove. I was going to take my son this year, but I won’t be doing that unless the museum reverses course.

Otherwise, we’ll be doing something else this year that actually promotes the joy and hope in Christmas, not Satan.

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