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Sen. Tammy Baldwin Slips ‘Through the Back Door’ During UW-Green Bay Student Protest: Report

sen tammy baldwin
Sen. Tammy Baldwin and a different pro Gaza protest (Wikimedia Commons)

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, under growing fire from the left, slipped out of a room at UW-Green Bay through a back door about 30 minutes early during an event organized to help students vote for her.

That’s according to Dane Snudden, writing for Fight Back! News, who reported that “student pro-Palestine protesters cut Sen. Tammy Baldwin event short, make her leave.”

According to Snudden, “Baldwin exited the room through the back door cutting her one hour event short by 30 minutes.”

The story comes as businessman Eric Hovde has tied Baldwin among likely voters in the most recent Wisconsin poll.

The Fight Back! News site broke the story of the Baldwin exodus on April 25, although it occurred on March 22. According to Fight Back! News, the event, with Baldwin as a guest speaker, was interrupted by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay chapter of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The event was held by the College Democrats.

The protest came even though Baldwin previously caved into pressure from anti-Israel protesters and is now calling for Israel to engage in a new ceasefire with the terrorist group Hamas. That’s even though she said just days before that flip-flop that a ceasefire is “really asking Israel to unilaterally stop and we know Hamas won’t.”

That hasn’t halted the growing dissent on the left toward Baldwin’s tenure.

“The event was promoted in secret on campus to prevent SDS from organizing and was supposed to teach students how to get people to vote for her,” Fight Back! News reported, adding that protesters read a statement that said: “Tammy Baldwin calls for a ceasefire because it is politically convenient, while she still receives thousands of dollars from defense companies.”

The protesters began chanting, and campus police showed up, the site reported. That’s when Baldwin left.

What is Fight Back! News? “The writers and staff of Fight Back! are activists and organizers – in the trade unions, low-income community, oppressed nationality movements, on the campuses, and in other people’s movements,” its page says.

Read the article about Baldwin in full here.

Baldwin has been hounded by left-wing protesters for months. They also descended on a Baldwin fundraiser in Green Bay in early March.

@gbantiwar Members of the Green Bay Anti-War Committee protested outside of a Gala Fundraiser for the Democratic Party in Green Bay, WI. Senator #tammybaldwin continually votes to send more taxpayer dollars in the form of financial aid to 🔵⚪ – a country that is committing crimes of gen‐o-zide and apartheid against the 🔴⚫⚪🟢 people. No more money for 🔵⚪ crimes! We will not be complicit in this gen‐o-zide! #greenbay #greenbaywisconsin #wisconsin ♬ original sound – GBAC

Snudden, the author, is SDS president.

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