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Teenage Twins Hilariously Listen to Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight for First Time [VIDEO]

phil collins twins
Phil Collins. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Two teenage twins have gained 5 million views with their hilarious video showing their reaction to listening to Phil Collins singing In the Air Tonight for the first time ever. The twins have a series of videos showing them reacting to other classics too, ranging from Dolly Parton’s Jolene, to Elvis singing In the Ghetto.

“Hold on, I didn’t prepare for this. I have to prepare,” one of the twins says in the Collins reaction video. The twins’ innocent reaction to hearing great classics for the first time has endeared them to people all over the Internet. “That was cold!” the other twin says. “I ain’t ever see nobody drop a beat three minutes in a song!”

You can find the twins’ YouTube page here. They now have more than 400,000 subscribers. They sent Collins’ classic trending on social media anew. Their Parton video also has millions of views. First, watch them react to Collins:


Watch them react to Parton here:

Who are the twins? Their names are the Tim and Fred Williams, and they’re 22 years old.

The Twins Are From Gary, Indiana

According to The New York Times, the twins hail from Gary, Indiana. The Chicago Tribune reported that they record their videos in a “makeshift studio” in their bedroom.

“I knew if I stayed committed, it would come. I just never figured it would come so fast,” Tim told The Tribune. “It’s amazing that this all blew up with so many people watching us now. I think it’s because how young we are and we love and appreciate the older music, giving it a chain reaction.”

It was Tim’s goal to become a YouTube star. “I always wanted to be a YouTuber, so I finally took it serious after I dropped out of college,” he said to the Trib.

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