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Milwaukee BLM Activist Vaun Mayes Spoofs Frank Nitty [VIDEO]

It’s no secret in the Milwaukee community that there is a rift between some Black Lives Matter activists. It appears that BLM activists Vaun Mayes and Frank Nitty aren’t fast friends.

Of course, you wouldn’t know it from the news media.

BLM leader Vaun Mayes spoofed BLM leader and media darling Frank Nitty in recent live stream videos, which you can watch below. We haven’t offered Mayes a lot of praise in print, but we will do so here. Well done!

Nitty has been the subject of many glowing media profiles and stories (such as this over-the-top positive piece in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel). The attention he’s getting on Mayes’ page isn’t so glowing.

For contrast, here is how the media showcases Nitty:

Vaun Mayes has more videos on his Facebook page.

All of the men are facing legal troubles. Mayes is still fighting federal charges accusing him of plotting to firebomb a police precinct, which he denies. Nitty was arrested on alleged sexual assault, although he has never been charged for it. Peoples Revolution leader Khalil Coleman was arrested for allegedly not showing up for court in Kentucky charges that accuse him of trying to get a juvenile to rob a drug house.

They are Milwaukee three most prominent BLM leaders.

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