Friday, July 12, 2024
Friday, July 12, 2024

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Trump and Milwaukee [Up Against the Wall]


Democrats love their cities. They know that people who move to cities are more likely to vote for liberals – no one knows why, but they do. I don’t know what makes people want to jam on top of each other and then vote for higher taxes, more regulation and rules, and for leaders who don’t give a hoot about them but profess that they do. Liberal progressives love capturing people in cities because they can force them to take buses or ride their bikes. It’s like a big urban social experiment for the left. They get to try out all their social engineering ideas on city dwellers.

Republicans, on the other hand, love their rural areas, their smaller towns, and their suburbs, (count me as a small town guy), their wide open spaces, lower density, their cars and especially their pick up trucks, because open space and cars = freedom. Go where you want when you want. But Republicans recognize the need for cities too. They need cities for certain services, and we can love a city like Madison or Milwaukee for their physical nature – the lakes, the layout, the historic buildings, etc. while hating the politics of cities that have ruined our cities. Politics that have led to a massive increase in crime, violence, drugs, and homelessness. When the liberal leaders of our cities put the homeless as a higher priority than our children, you know they’re wrong.

So, yeah, we can hate the policies of liberals that damage or destroy cities (like Detroit) while liking cities for other reasons.

Milwaukee used to be a great city on a Great Lake, but went through a long period of urban decay starting in about 1965 due to liberal policies, although more recently, the city has seen a come back, a renewal of sorts with awesome amenities like the 3rd Street Market and the flying-wing museum on the lake. Plus, many new developments like the stunning glass tower of Northwestern Mutual Life. Milwaukee has gotten a lot of things right in recent years, but just not a lot of other things. Note that the things that they got right come from developers, while the things they need to work on are caused by their own liberal leaders.

And cities don’t always agree with each other. Over the years in talking with Milwaukee city staff, they express astonishment at Madison’s over regulation of development and housing. You see, Milwaukee has learned its lesson the hard way, losing massive population and tax base starting around 1965 and lasting many decades before leveling off and seeing the recent renaissance.

Trump was talking about the crime in Milwaukee, and yeah, that’s true, there are areas or certain times of night you don’t want to be caught downtown alone. And yeah, Milwaukee schools stink. They’re rated, if I recall, as the lowest in the nation in terms of reading proficiency and other skills. Yeah, bottom of the barrel. (Likewise, Madison has long ranked #1 in the nation for the largest gap between black and white test scores, in spite of all the liberal platitudes that they ‘care’ about blacks; they really don’t, because if they did, they would make sure blacks have the same educational outcomes (i.e. proficiency in skills) as whites.

But liberals don’t care. They will lie, lie, lie. They still operate under the old media belief that liberals control all the media like they used to before the internet and before Fox News and talk radio. (Thank you Vicki McKenna on 1310 a.m.) They still haven’t reconciled the fact that their lies only get repeated inside their own circles today, (which is why they still believe their own lies). But lucky for us, conservative media exists to refute the lies of the left. And boy oh boy, they do not like that. (The Dane County board, consisting of 37 members, cannot stand the idea of having even one single conservative on it, so they’ve worked really hard to try to rid him of their own misery.)

Liberals are right now watching their presidential candidate implode, and their strategy of convicting Trump is also backfiring, so they’re freakin’ out. They latch onto anything Trump says and then they misstate it or misrepresent it. Signs of desperation. If the election was held today, Trump would win in an electoral college landslide. No question about it.

My only advice for Trump right now is to play it cool. You’re winning dude. Don’t do anything to piss off the independents and moderate liberals that I have talked to who have said they’re going to vote for you. Just ride it out. Biden will continue to act as a grandpa with dementia, so you don’t need to crush him at the debate either. That could backfire on you just like it did with Oz. Maybe Biden will do fine depending on how many uppers they give him, or maybe he won’t, but you won’t look good if you kick grandpa while he’s down. Instead, be overly nice, give ‘em hand… guide him off the stage if he needs it. 😉


Correction: We deleted a claim that voter fraud was “horrible in Milwaukee” based on mysterious votes showing up around 2 a.m. This has been explained by the fact that absentee ballots can not be processed in Wisconsin before election day, not voter fraud.

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