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Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty Condemns Gov. Evers’ Use of “Secret” Email Account

warren.spahn@wisconsin.gov Evers' Use of “Secret” Email Account

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) released a statement today regarding the revelation by WRN that Governor Tony Evers uses a fictitious email account.

Dan Lennington, WILL Deputy Counsel, stated, “We just filed an open records request for any and all communications relating to this ’email’ story, including messages on messaging apps like WhatsApp and Signal. If these requests are not complied with, we will take legal action.”

Last night, WRN reported that Gov. Tony Evers has been communicating with state workers about public business using a secret government email account in the name of a deceased Milwaukee Braves baseball legend, and over 17,000 emails sent to and from the account exist, Wisconsin Right Now has exclusively documented.

Gov. Evers writes various state workers and cabinet secretaries using the account “warren.spahn@wisconsin.gov,” a state email account in the name of the Braves’ legend.

In a press release, WILL President and General Counsel Rick Esenberg, stated,

“This is an obvious attempt to avoid public scrutiny and evade the state’s open records law. The governor should release every email from this ‘account’ to rectify this violation immediately. His administration should then take an additional step to disclose any and all ‘secret’ e-mail accounts and accounts using aliases by his senior staff, including those from members of his cabinet.”

WILL says it plans to “file new open records requests and take further action to demand answers on behalf of Wisconsinites.”

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