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Wauwatosa ‘Snow People’ & Christmas Meme Contest

Wauwatosa snow people

Wauwatosa “snow people” memes came in fast and furious after Wisconsin Right Now broke the story that Wauwatosa’s deputy city administrator Melissa Cantarero Weiss is asking city workers to refrain from using green-and-red Christmas decorations in city building public spaces. Among her suggestions: Replace them instead with “snow people” and colors representing the Northern Lights (like purple).

Yes, that’s “snow people” instead of snowmen.

Now you get to vote on your favorite Wauwatosa “snow people” and Christmas meme. There will be a prize involved for the winner.

It’s all in the name of equity and diversity, according to Weiss’s email, which we obtained from multiple annoyed city workers, who think the city of Wauwatosa should focus on other priorities. She said in the email that City Administrator Jim Archambo is on board with the silly request. The story has since gone viral; it’s been picked up by Fox News, Daily Mail and Libs of TikTok. Wisconsinites, including Wauwatosa residents, have expressed outrage.

To pick your favorite, click on the star under the meme.

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