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Saturday, July 13, 2024

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There Are 2 Important Amendments on the Wisconsin April Ballot: What They Say


Does anyone know what is on the April ballot? Me either, so I looked into it. Besides the 37 county board seats (yes, one of the largest county boards in the country) and a number of local council seats, there are two very important constitutional amendments on the ballot. Or I should say on the back of the ballot. Yes, the one ballot I saw had the amendments on the back, even though there was plenty of blank space on the front. Talk about manipulative.

Which is why is so important you vote on April 2nd.

The first amendment would prohibit the use of private money in elections, i.e. it’s the Zuckerbucks amendment, to prevent what happened in the last election. (Oh, but there was no cheating they say and we’re all just morons for suggesting that.) A YES vote bans such money and influence peddling. A NO vote allows it to continue.

The second amendment says that only official election officials can manage elections. This amendment is to prevent what happened in Green Bay, where the city turned their election over to a Zuckerberg’s man to run. A YES vote makes it illegal to turn over the election to others while a NO vote allows Green Bay to do it again, along with any city.

We might as well kiss our democracy goodbye if the tech oligarchs are going to be running them. It’ll be no different than Putin’s faux re-election on March 17th. Oh yea, he got like 85%. Wow. I am surprised it wasn’t 100%. Maybe he’ll just kill off those 15% like he has so many of his enemies.

The best thing about these amendments is that they are constitutional amendments that already passed the legislature twice, which is a requirement before they go on the ballot. And guess what?! Under the rules, if the amendments passed, the Governor does not get a chance to sign or veto. If these pass on April 2, they are enshrined into the constitution, forever.

So be sure to vote on April 2nd, and don’t let Zuckerberg decide our next election.

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