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Sen. Tammy Baldwin Says Biden Presidency Is ‘One of the Most Successful’ in Generations

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Tammy Baldwin praised the “accomplishments” of the Biden administration.

Wisconsin Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin insists that the Joe Biden presidency is “one of the most successful administrations in generations.”

“In terms of legislative accomplishments, it is one of the most successful administrations in generations,” Baldwin told the liberal blog Recombobulation Area in mid-June 2024. “And passing legislation that will have generational impact, that will unfold over the next decade, is really striking.”

She also said she “loved” the Milwaukee mayor and county executive and enjoys working with them on housing and other issues. She said she wanted people having mental health crises to get “services, not jail.”

Baldwin said her criticism of the Biden campaign is that “a lot of folks are benefitting from the accomplishments of this administration” but the campaign hasn’t connected the dots. In part, she said she was talking about infrastructure, investment to combat climate change, and the fact that he’s “nominated more women than men” to be federal judges.

The Eric Hovde campaign team quickly seized on the “most successful in generations” comment. Hovde is the Republican businessman who is running to unseat Baldwin. He has been hitting her on her close association with Biden, saying she votes with him 95% of the time.

Baldwin also called for taxpayers to subsidize part of people’s daycare bills, according to a video of the interview. She accused Republicans of targeting transgender people. Conservatives have generally argued against mutilation surgeries for minors and against biological males competing in women’s and girls’ sports.

Baldwin also discussed the anti-Israel protesters who disrupted her speech at the Democratic National Convention. She reiterated her call for Israel to engage in a ceasefire with the terrorist group, Hamas, which would render Israel unable to defend itself in the wake of the Oct. 7 terrorist massacre. She said in the blog interview that she had “repeatedly” called for a ceasefire, when, actually, she flip-flopped into that position.

She had previously said that a ceasefire is “really asking Israel to unilaterally stop and we know Hamas won’t.”

On June 17, liberal podcaster Dan Shafer, who interviewed Baldwin, described how the interview came about.

He posted the full video of his Baldwin interview on his blog. “The free market doesn’t work for childcare,” Baldwin told Shafer. She said the state and federal government should partner to “take up the excess between cost of tuition and 7% of your income and make up that difference” – in other words, she wants the taxpayers to subsidize people’s daycare costs.

As Wisconsin Right Now previously reported, Democrats previously slammed legislative Republicans’ refusal to continue a pandemic-focused program that handed out big federally-funded monthly checks to daycare centers in the state.

However, a Wisconsin Right Now investigation has found that the federally funded program gave checks of at least $20,000 a month to some daycare centers, even in affluent areas, and it gave more than $4 million to subsidize multiple centers run by a Portland, Oregon, for-profit company that boasts more than $1 billion in revenue and was once tied to notorious “junk bond king” Michael Milken.

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