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Protesters Shout at Sen. Tammy Baldwin at Wisconsin Democratic Convention [VIDEO]

tammy baldwin
Tammy Baldwin.

Pro-Palestinian protesters shouted at U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin at the state Democratic Convention in Milwaukee on June 8, disrupting her speech before they were expelled from the room. One called her a “disgrace.”

Matt Smith, the political director for WISN-TV, shared a video of the moment on X. “Protesters interrupt Sen Tammy Baldwin moments after she takes the stage as she attempts to continue her address talking about her GOP opponent Eric Hovde,” he wrote.

The video shows a protester being led out of the room as she screamed at Baldwin, who responded by talking about Hovde.

Baldwin, a Democrat who is considered a vulnerable incumbent by national political media, has been hounded by pro-Palestinian protesters at campaign appearances for months. An apparently rattled Baldwin flip-flopped on a key issue, coming out in favor of a ceasefire that would rob Israel of its ability to defend itself in the wake of the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack. She has also voiced support for bringing Palestinian refugees to the U.S., slipped through a back door during a Green Bay protest, has a history of going soft on Iran, voted to send money to the Palestinian authority, and more.

But it wasn’t enough for the protesters.

Here’s another view:

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Baldwin was “interrupted four times by about a half-dozen people calling for a cease-fire in Gaza” and that her supporters chanted back at them.

According to the Badger Herald, about 70 pro-Palestinian protesters gathered outside the Milwaukee convention. “We can no longer take empty words from the Democrats,” one speaker said, according to the Badger Herald.

The Wisconsin Law Journal wrote on X that four protesters were escorted out of the state Democratic Convention, sharing additional videos.

WPR reporter Anya van Wagtendonk wrote on X that one protester called Baldwin a “disgrace.”

“After a relatively low-key few hours of speeches at the Wisconsin state Democratic Party convention today, pro-Palestinian protesters have begun interrupting Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s remarks. One called her a ‘disgrace,'” she wrote.

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