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Wisconsin earns score of 61.64 in new WalletHub ranking of charitable giving

Wisconsin received a score of 61.64 on a ranking of charitable donations and volunteer time, the 18th highest percentage among the 50 states, according to an analysis by the WalletHub personal finances website.

The state’s residents were ranked 19th in the category of “Volunteering and Service,” the study reported, while Wisconsin came in 22nd in the “Charitable Giving” ranking. In turn, these two general categories were divided into 19 indicators, such as volunteer hours per capita, with each metric measured on a 100-point scale, according to WalletHub.

Overall, the United States was found to be among the most generous countries in the world, with Americans giving more than $449 billion to charities last year, according to the National Philanthropic Trust.

In addition, nearly 80 million Americans have volunteered their time to charitable activities, providing a combined 6.9 billion hours annually, which adds up to a value of $167 billion in services, according to WalletHub.

How Do States Measure Up on Charitable Giving?

Overall Rank (1=Most Charitable)StateTotal Score‘Volunteering & Service’ Rank‘Charitable Giving’ Rank1Utah72.27292Minnesota71.51343Maryland70.08564Oregon67.841345Ohio66.2911136Pennsylvania66.2512127Virginia65.802828North Dakota65.684279Maine64.1862910Colorado64.1322711Alaska63.4173312Georgia63.4134313Wyoming62.70142514Washington62.57172315New Hampshire62.31103116Arkansas62.16211917North Carolina62.11241418Wisconsin61.64192219New York61.6445120Illinois60.7835821Massachusetts60.6641522Nebraska60.56133923Connecticut60.28301724Missouri60.15321525Idaho59.6584626Indiana59.63164027New Jersey59.48331828Florida59.45401029Delaware59.3894730South Dakota59.06154331Oklahoma58.61203232Kentucky58.52232833Montana57.99184134Kansas57.79392135Michigan57.66422036Vermont57.06263637Texas56.84253838Tennessee56.83362639South Carolina56.67382440Alabama56.40461141Iowa54.95314242Hawaii54.90294443California54.04501644West Virginia53.89274845Nevada52.41374546Rhode Island52.09443747Mississippi51.27493048Louisiana51.19473549New Mexico47.28484950Arizona46.984350

Source: WalletHub.com

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