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The War on Israel: There Should Be No Ceasefire [Up Against the Wall]

israel no ceasefire

Remember that Leslie Nielsen movie, was it Naked Gun, in which his character stands in front of the giant building under fire while saying, “Nothing to see here, go home, nothing to see here.” That’s what Biden reminds me of as he pretends that this isn’t a real war between Israel and Iran and its avatar, Hamas.

I speculate, based upon news reports, that while the Biden White House is publicly supporting Israel, that simultaneously the White House is trying to get Israel to back off and is working to undermine Israel’s efforts to defend itself and destroy the terrorists.

One piece of evidence is that the Israel ground defense effort was delayed, and as I had speculated beforehand, that effort was delayed by the Biden White House working to postpone Israel’s defense of its homeland. Let’s not forget who the victim is here – Israel was attacked, so I don’t understand why the Biden administration insists on financially helping Hamas and Iran, plus proposing to deliver humanitarian aid that will be grabbed by Hamas.

Secretary Blinken even said he can’t promise some aid won’t end up in the hands of Hamas, so why deliver the goods then? Any help to Hamas will drag out the war and result in more Israeli and Palestinian civilian deaths due to a prolonged war.

There should be no ceasefire. History proves that a ceasefire only serves to help the enemy by giving them time to re-group and then attack again, plus re-arm. There should be no pause in the defense of Israel.

War in this area has been going on for thousands of years. It’s time to eliminate the enemy once and for all and protect the fragile toehold that democracy has there. Stability comes from democracy. War comes from terrorists like Hamas and Iran.

The Biden White House should never negotiate with terrorists – and certainly don’t pay them cash. Biden should impose a total quarantine around Iran and Hamas. Choke off their economy and therefore their ability to wage war and pay for ammunition like Trump successfully did. It’s sick that taxpayer funding from the White House not only helped to pay for the war against Israel, but the payments and access to cash signaled to Iran and Hamas that it was okay to launch the war without the threat of action by the U.S., resulting in the murder of thousands of people.

The Jewish community also needs to step it up – with a full blown marketing effort to promote support of Israel – similar to the auto union’s effort to win the strike, and social media should play a big part of the effort. Remember, there are dozens of representatives in the State Department supporting all the other Arab countries, while only one for Israel. That bias alone needs to be corrected. A democracy should have more representatives while non-democracies should have fewer.

T. Wall holds a degree from the UW in economics and an M.S. in real estate analysis and valuation and is a real estate developer. Disclaimer: The opinions of the writer are not necessarily those of this publication or the left!

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