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Fond du Lac County DA Eric Toney Endorses Jim Piwowarczyk for Assembly

Former Republican Attorney General Candidate and Fond du Lac County DA Eric Toney has endorsed Jim Piwowarczyk for Assembly, saying that Piwowarczyk “has helped lead the fight for our conservative values,” will “stand with our law enforcement” and will help protect public safety.

Toney is the president of the Wisconsin District Attorneys Association. However, his endorsement is not that of the Association.

Piwowarczyk, 53, the co-editor of Wisconsin Right Now conservative news site, is running for the Assembly District 98, which spans parts of Washington and Waukesha Counties. A small business owner and former law enforcement officer, Piwowarczyk, of the Town of Erin, is a Republican.

Toney said, “I’m proudly endorsing Jim Piwowarczyk for state assembly district 98. Jim is a retired police officer, a loving father, and the co-creator of the Wisconsin Right Now conservative news site. I know Jim is a fiscal conservative who will stand with our law enforcement and parents while prioritizing the protection and education of our kids. Jim has helped lead the fight for our conservative values while writing for Wisconsin Right Now, and he will be an energetic and hard-working fighter for those values in the state Assembly. He will help protect public safety.”

Jim piwowarczyk
Jim piwowarczyk,

Piwowarczyk is also endorsed by Washington County Executive Josh Schoemann, Washington County Treasurer Scott Henke, Rep. Barbara Dittrich, and Rep. Bob Donovan.

The 98th district includes Hartford, Erin, Richfield, Lisbon, Merton, and Sussex. It has no incumbent.

You can read more about Piwowarczyk’s campaign here.

Piwowarczyk, who is supporting Donald Trump for president, is a lifelong conservative running on a platform of public safety, parents’ rights in schools, delivering tax cuts, and border security, among other issues. In addition to being a law enforcement officer and sergeant, he is a small business owner and real estate broker who lives in the Town of Erin. He was raised in Washington County. Wisconsin Right Now is the state’s leading conservative news site.

Don Pridemore, 77, is also running.

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