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Poll: Trump holds slight lead over Biden in Texas

(The Center Square) – A new poll independently funded by the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and designed and analyzed by the Center for Public Opinion, shows that President Donald Trump holds a slight lead over Joe Biden in Texas.

Of the likely registered voters surveyed, 49 percent said they were leaning toward reelecting Trump; 46 percent said Democrat Biden.

Hispanic voters are nearly tied in their support of Biden and Trump and for the Republican and Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate.

Overall, incumbent Republican Sen. John Cornyn leads his Democratic challenger MJ Hegar by 10 percentage points among those polled.

In response to which parties of the candidates running for election in their district for the state Senate or House they would vote for, 49 percent said the Republican Party, 45 percent said the Democratic Party.

Texans were evenly divided over their approval of the way Trump is handling his job as president: 50 percent said they approve, 49 percent said they disapprove.

Gov. Greg Abbott received a slightly better approval rating for his job as governor of Texas: 55 percent approve, 46 percent disapprove.

In a question asking if the respondents had a favorable or unfavorable impression of Trump or Biden or the U.S. Senate candidates, results were mixed.

An even split of 48 percent said they held a favorable and unfavorable impression of Trump, compared to 50 percent holding an unfavorable and 44 percent holding a favorable view of Biden.

Of the U.S. Senate candidates, an even split of 38 percent expressed favorable and unfavorable views of incumbent Sen. Conryn.

MJ Hegar, Conryn’s opponent, received a 35 percent favorable view compared to a 24 percent unfavorable one.

More held a favorable view of Abbott than unfavorable, 47 percent to 37 percent, respectively, according to the findings of the poll.

Data for the poll was collected by YouGov, an online polling organization, which interviewed 1,073 respondents. Their answers were matched to a sample of 1,000 registered voters to produce the final dataset of registered voters, an analysis accompanying the poll results states.

By Bethany Blankley | The Center Square
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