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10 Reasons the Vos Recall Is the Dumbest ‘Political Stunt’ In Wisconsin History


The Vos recall circulators claimed in a press release Sunday that they have collected enough signatures to force a recall election into Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

Many questions about the Burlington-area recall remain, and the signatures will surely be vetted, along with the backgrounds of those paid to collect them.

The Vos recall is the dumbest “political stunt” in Wisconsin history. As former conservative talk show host Jeff Wagner put it on X, it’s a “staggeringly stupid political stunt.” It’s also one with potentially severe consequences for Wisconsin and conservative policies. It’s a waste of taxpayer dollars to recall someone from a district that won’t exist in a couple of months.


Yes, it’s even arguably dumber than the Scott Walker recall, and that one ended up BUILDING Walker. It allowed him to amass a large war chest and created a narrative of invincibility.

This one is worse because it helps DEMOCRATS, yet it’s perpetrated by people who claim they’re not. Even if the recall goes forward, and Vos wins, Democrats gain because it distracts Vos at the exact time he’s working to keep control of the Legislature in Republican hands. It drains money that could go to swing districts needed to keep Republican control. If the Legislature flips into Democratic hands, kiss every conservative policy you care about goodbye. We will be Illinois, California or Minnesota. Remember to thank the recall organizers for their part in that.

In greater detail, here are 10 reasons the Vos recall is the dumbest “political stunt” in state history:

1. The timing: The Vos recall increases Democratic chances of taking control of the state Legislature

If the Vos recallers truly cared about this state and conservative policies versus being on some obsessive Moby Dick-like quest (we all know how that worked out for Ahab), they would not have chosen this timing.

Even his detractors must agree that Vos is best at retaining and growing Republican majorities in the state Legislature. And those majorities are all that is keeping Wisconsin from being Minnesota, Illinois, or California. The majorities are also under attack like never before. New maps forced by the liberal-controlled Supreme Court go into effect in November with August primaries.

Right now, Robin Vos is recruiting candidates in swing districts needed to retain control. He is orchestrating a detailed plan to keep the Legislature in Republican hands. He is best at this.

From a conservative perspective, it doesn’t make sense to recall him now. It helps Democrats.

2. The Vos recallers have no plan & no candidate

The Vos recallers have no plan – and frankly don’t have the skills – needed to ensure Republican control of the Legislature is retained. They also have no announced candidate to replace him. That all smacks of vengeance, not a concern over policy.

What’s their plan? They’re running on the platform of, “We obsessively hate the guy,” instead of, “Here’s what we can do better.” Does anyone really think Adam Steen can help Republicans keep Legislative control? C’mon.

There would be a complete vacuum in Republican leadership, not to mention plummeting morale in the ranks.

3. They’re trying to recall Vos from an Assembly district that won’t exist in November anyway

This is the dumbest part.

The recallers are trying to distract and oust Vos from a district that won’t exist in November anyway. Vos was redrawn into a new, different district. It doesn’t even have the same number! And the new district is on the November ballot!

Counting primaries, they want to force the key Republican legislative leader to run in FOUR elections in the span of about nine months. And, again, they are doing it right as he’s needed to retain the majority, which is hanging by a thread. Again, there is no plan for who would lead the Assembly instead; the winner of a recall wouldn’t automatically be speaker.

It would be laughable if it wasn’t so consequential.

4. It’s unclear whether they can recall him from a voided district

It’s not even clear whether this recall is legally viable.

The state Supreme Court ridiculously found the current legislative maps unconstitutional. So, how can a person be recalled from such a district?

This remains an open question. One wonders how long the legal maneuverings would delay it anyway.

On Friday, the state Supreme Court refused a request by Gov. Tony Evers to clarify whether the new maps apply to the Vos recall. The truth is, no one knows. The Wisconsin Election Commission has been asked to weigh in, but has not done so yet.

5. Vos was targeted for not supporting Trump even as he has now voiced his support for Trump

Although the recallers said they were targeting Vos, in part, for not supporting Trump, Vos has said on video that he is voting for Trump in November. He said that he supported Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis until DeSantis dropped out, but he would now back Trump. That’s a reasonable conservative position.

So what’s the rationale for recalling him? The recallers have cast around for increasingly desperate reasons that Vos should go. The latest? They’re trying to say he’s tied to Chinese Communists.

The grocery stores in Burlington must be running low on tinfoil.

6. Vos was recently elected with 73% of the vote

Robin Vos was just elected on November 8, 2022, (to his current district) by 73% of the vote. That’s a huge margin. He also beat back a primary.

Don’t those voters’ intentions matter? Why invalidate their clear vote? Why force people to vote again for someone they recently decisively picked? Why not just run against him in November if you hate him so much? They’re banking on low turnout in the summer – and DEMOCRATS coming out to vote.

Frankly, if the recallers really do have enough valid signatures, one wonders how many of them were Democrats.

7. Recallers are openly collaborating with Democrats & admit they aren’t Republicans

You can read a summary of this concern here. The top recaller says he isn’t Republican. One woman affiliated with the recallers wrote that she would prefer extreme liberal Chris Larson over Vos.

The recallers are openly welcoming Democratic Party help, are openly seeking Democratic signatures, and made pitches to Democrats about why they should sign.

Matthew Snorek, who filed the recall petition, is a failed Burlington candidate and pest exterminator who has labeled Vos “trash.” He wrote on Facebook, “8$ per valid signatures you can legally get and bonus of 500$ for highly motivated individual! Who wants to help save WI? We have Dems and Republicans very excited and helping in this effort!!!”

Snorek admitted on Facebook on Feb. 28 that he is not a Republican, declaring himself “3.5 years clean and sober from the GOP!” Although he claims he’s not a Democrat, he has declared that he is “excited” that Democrats are helping with the recall effort.

The Vos recall page wrote the Walworth County Democratic Party, “We would really love your help. Let me see if I can add a message button 🙂”

Vos recall

No wonder. The recall helps Democrats.

8. The recallers are not serious people

The recall is being driven by a small cabal of people who lost previous elections by large margins.

The lead guy, Matthew Snorek, has his own issues. According to the Racine Journal-Times, the Town of Burlington recently cited Snorek for $12,000 “stemming from past violations of community property standards.” The newspaper says Snorek was found guilty in municipal court in 2021 for failing to clear junk outside his home, including tires and toys.

Others involved include Jay Schroeder, who lost the Secretary of State race, and Adam Steen, who lost a primary and write-in campaign against Vos. Steen is facing a criminal referral on accusations of felony campaign finance fraud involving the last time he ran against Vos and lost.

Steen is the guy who recorded himself calling voters swayed by a Trump endorsement “stupid,” labeling his campaign volunteers “dumbasses,” referring to females as emotional, and laughing at a menstruation joke. Steen called one campaign volunteer “a f*cking control freak” and said he was “dealing with idiots.” He referred to volunteers as “mothertruckers” and trashed the conservative Racine County sheriff.

In one call, Steen expressed frustration with a volunteer, saying he was “dealing with a frickin’ female.” He told another woman he was working with that she was not “overly emotional,” saying, “you’re a female, I get this, but you’re fairly logical.”

Harry Wait, who is facing election-related criminal charges, has also been involved.

9. Robin Vos Has a 92% conservative voting record

Robin Vos has a 92% lifetime conservative voting record, per the Conservative Political Action Conference.

10. Waste of money

The recall wastes money in two ways.

It wastes the money of taxpayers who must pay for a recall of a district that won’t exist in a couple of months.

And it wastes GOP money, which could be used to help conservative candidates in swing districts instead to help Republicans keep control of the legislature.


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