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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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FLIP FLOP: Gov. Evers Opposes Non-Partisan Maps, Calls Them ‘Bogus’


Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers came out in strident opposition to non-partisan maps, calling them “bogus.”

Evers’ comments came after Assembly Speaker Robin Vos proposed non-partisan maps using a process that Democrats have advocated for years, until now.

Vos is pushing for legislation to use “an Iowa-style nonpartisan redistricting” to create legislative maps. In this format, the nonpartisan Legislative Reference Bureau would write the new legislative maps instead of partisans, whether they be Republicans or Democrats. The current maps are Republican-drawn, following a longstanding practice. The U.S. Supreme Court previously invalidated maps chosen by an Evers’ commission.

“Republicans, who’ve been ramping up their efforts to interfere in Wisconsin elections, are now demanding Legislature-picked and Legislature-approved map drawers for legislative districts. That’s bogus,” Evers wrote on X.

Vos responded, “Actually, I’m willing to offer an amendment to address this concern if you will sign it? Let’s not play games and get this done. The Iowa process works well as you’ve said for years…

During a press conference, Vos said, “Hopefully it means that we will take all of the money that has been wasted by the liberal interests suing us over the maps and instead we get to say we don’t need to waste those taxpayer dollars because we can adapt the process that has been used flawless wirelessly in Iowa.”

“A Legislature that has now repeatedly demonstrated that they will not uphold basic tenets of our democracy – and will bully, threaten or fire on a whim anyone who happens to disagree with them – cannot be trusted to appoint or oversee someone charged with drawing fair maps. And I’m not going to participate in enabling Republicans in the Legislature to keep trying to use and abuse their power to control the outcome of our elections,” Evers said.

What Evers’ excessively partisan language camouflages is what he was opposing: Vos is pushing legislation that removes partisanship from the process. Vos previously opposed the non-partisan process.

His statement also omits is that he wants the liberal-controlled state Supreme Court to make that call, including a new justice, Janet Protasiewicz, who took $10 million from the state Democratic Party and declared the current maps “rigged” and “unfair,” prejudging the process. Republicans have filed a motion demanding she recuse from the case.



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