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Gov. Evers Promises Veto of Transgender Sports Ban


Wisconsin will not see a law that keeps transgender girls out of female sports in the state.

Gov. Tony Evers promised on Twitter to veto legislation from Republican lawmakers that would put transgender athletes in their own category in Wisconsin high schools and colleges.

“Trans kids, people, and families are part of our world. And any time you want to mess with them, you’re going to get a veto from me. Pretty simple,” Evers said in a tweet.

Evers’ promise is not a surprise.

No one at the Wisconsin Capitol expected the governor to sign the Save Women’s Sports Act from Rep. Barb Dittrich, R-Oconomowoc, and Sen. Dan Knodl, R-Germantown, who reintroduced the plan last week.

“This legislation will ensure that female athletes continue to have equal access to athletic opportunities and safe competition under the spirit of Title IX,” Knodl said at the time. “As the father of two daughters and former student-athletes, I am committed to upholding a level playing field where female athletes can thrive, compete, and excel.”

Dittrich said the plan is about fairness.

“To every biological girl & woman out there, we see you,” Dittrich said on Twitter last week. “You matter! You don’t have to keep giving your awards to boys & men. Our fed’l gov’t made sure that you would be protected under Title IX. We reject this assault on your protected spaces & categories.”

Gov. Evers said questions about trans kids and young people playing girls’ sports is a political issue.

“It’s wrong for us to take people that have different views, different ways of life, and mess with their lives. I find that atrocious. So, yeah, it is a national issue. It’s an idiotic national issue. And it’s disgusting,” Evers added.

There’s no word just when Wisconsin lawmakers will take up the Save Women’s Sports Act, the legislature has largely wrapped up its business for the year.

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