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Monday, June 24, 2024

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I’m Voting For Donald Trump Because Judicial Misconduct Is Terrifying [WRN VOICES]


Ed Delgado is the Host of The Ed Delgado Show

My name is Ed Delgado.

I am an American.

And I will be voting for Donald J. Trump for President of the United States of America this November. What we have seen today’s guilty verdict in the Trump trial should scare the hell out of every one of us.

This trial, to oversimplify things, was, is, and always will be a joke. To try someone for a misdemeanor that has passed the statute of limitations, to ignore the lies of Michael Cohen – who not only paid off Stormy Daniels on his own but also allegedly stole money from the Trump Organization – to have a judge stack the deck in such an egregious manner of what we will learn soon enough: judicial misconduct is terrifying.

It is terrifying because if this can happen to someone like President Donald Trump, even with all of his resources, what hope do people like you and I have?

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane. In what seems like a lifetime ago in 2016, I wrote an article from a blog called “Right Talk Wisconsin” where I talked about how Donald Trump was a necessary bull in the china shop that is the Republican Party. In that article, I brought up the points that Trump’s boldness to call out topics that Republicans traditionally danced around such as immigration, taking the fight to the Left, and defending what it means to be an American, was not just needed but was imperative.

And let’s be honest, watching a businessman, celebrity, trash-talking what is normally a dull primary was entertaining AF!!!

As the 2016 Republican primaries went on, Trump was not my first pick. In fact, Ted Cruz was my guy. As entertaining as Trump was, as much as he forced other Republicans in that presidential primary to step up their games, and as much as he weaponized the mainstream media and Twitter (which was amazing to see) I saw Cruz as the more of the statesmen I wanted, and Trump as just the shock and awe the Republican Party needed to wake up.

Ultimately Trump won that 2016 primary and admittedly I reluctantly voted for him. Truth be told, I voted more for Mike Pence since Trump was too wild of a variable for me at that time. And if I’m really going to be candid, I didn’t even like the guy.

The next few years were interesting, to say the least. Obstruction of his administration by members of his party. Threats of impeachment before he even took office. The riots and violence during the January 2017 inauguration. The REAL insurrection of May 29, 2020, as violent rioters assaulted the White House.

But Trump is a phenomenon. Because despite all of that, two impeachments, and a ton of fake news (Steele Dossier) Trump did such an amazing job that even doubters like myself were impressed. Walking the DMZ from South Korea to North Korea to meet Kim Jong Un, no new wars, the Abraham Accords, and let’s not forget “the best numbers of our lives” as quoted by Jim Cramer.

Now fast forward to the 2020 Election Cycle. What a hot mess that was. Covid. Fauci. NIH. Masks. Vaccines. News Tickers. Shadow Campaigns.

“Wait, what?” you say.

Shadow Campaigns. You mean you didn’t know. Did you think it was some Q-Anon nonsense? Nah-nah!

The interesting thing about the Left is they are narcissists. They either project what they are doing on their opposition OR they spell it out for you, step by step by step. Such was the case in 2020. 2024 will be no different.

Time Magazine online has a very detailed article called, “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved The 2020 Election.” Groups of Democrats, business leaders, media leaders, influencers, politicians, and Never Trumpers with the single goal of preventing Trump from being re-elected. Doing so by not breaking laws by the letter but bending them to such an extent they violated the intent and defended their actions through lawfare. Lawfare they continue to use to this very day.

Couple this with the MSM cutting off Trump’s press conferences, the constant running of death numbers on just about all of the news outlets at the height of the COVID pandemic, and the so-called Summer of Love that brought about riots and death across this nation.

I tell you all of this in our little walk down memory lane to get you to think about this. If the Left and the Never Trumpers did all of this over the past eight years, what makes you think they aren’t enacting Shadow Campaign Part 2? We are seeing it play out right in front of our eyes. Except
this time, because of their perceived successes and their fears they may have overplayed their hand, they are more brazen about what they are doing.

More out in the open.

So what do we do now?

I may not have all of the answers, but I do have some.

First and foremost, you do not act like a fool.

“But sir, what do you mean ‘Don’t act the fool?’”

Good question. What I mean is do not get drawn into any traps from the Left. Don’t get into any physical altercations, to make any commentary anywhere (online, supposedly encrypted apps, in the real world) that can be taken as violent. Keep everything legal and above board. Protest, walk
away, do not resist, do not antagonize, yet start firm. What do we do going forward?

The simple answer is: Do what you can.

Donate. If you can donate money to Trump, your candidate of choice, the Republican Party of Wisconsin. Do it. If you can do it to all 3.

Advocate. Every one of us has a sphere of influence, some more than others, but all matter. Talk to your neighbors, your friends, coworkers, bar mates, and social media. Advocate as to WHY you will be voting for Donald Trump. And when you get push back then you push back. You push back because you will make sure to have educated yourselves by reading the news, using your critical thinking skills, and seeking opinions and counterarguments from others. Volunteer. It’s not enough to advocate. Volunteer and join your Republican County Party, Patriot group, Turning Point, Moms for Liberty, AFP, or whatever. Find ways you can help. Door knock, phone bank, write letters to the editor. Every single one of us has a skill set. Learn your skill set and use it. Get involved.

Put Aside Petty Differences. Initially, I wanted to have my first article for Wisconsin Right Now talk about all of the infighting in the Republican/Conservative movement. Perhaps I will do that later. But right now, if you claim to be a Patriot. If you claim to be America First. If you claim to be MAGA. If you claim to be a Republican. If you claim to be a Conservative, right-leaning libertarian. If you claim to love this country and what it once was. You will put aside all of those petty differences and galvanize together so that we do not just get Trump back as president but retain the House and flip the Senate.

Vote. Vote early (Bank Your Vote), vote the day of, and get your friends to vote. Drive people.

Ballot harvest where it is legal, poll watch, whatever. Just get out the vote. I know all politics is local. And for the most part, this is true. Just not this time. Now is the time we stop bashing fellow Republicans and Conservatives and use that same zeal that we have been using the past two to three years fighting each other and directing it outwards toward the Left. There will be time to do that after this election cycle. But first, we have to win elections.

Ultimately, I suppose there is an upside to today’s verdict in the Trump trial. Should Trump win, Biden, Obama, Clinton (both of them), and Bush could all be charged with… pick your crimes since that is what we are doing these days. But is that a nation you want to live in? Political prosecutions of your political opponents? Not a world I want to live in. Yet, it is the world we live in as the Left has perverted and bastardized the judicial system with its political persecution of Donald Trump. And make no mistake about it. The case against Trump by the SDNY is just the beginning. There are more. This is after all lawfare. As strange as it seems, the Left has forced the body politic of America to make a choice.

We all have eyes. We all have brains. Many of us have critical thinking skills, even if they are rudimentary. We all see it for what it is.

My name is Ed Delgado. At the beginning of this 2024 Republican primary, I was all in for Vivek Ramaswamy. Still love that guy to this day. But the writing is on the wall, it has been for some time. I will be voting for Donald J. Trump for President of the United States of America this November. I urge you to consider the stakes and join me in supporting him.

Considering what is at stake, a second Biden/Harris Administration would secure us as America in Name Only.

Ed Delgado
Ed Delgado, Also known as The Caramel Conservative, is a figure in the realm of Wisconsin’s political commentary and podcasting. With a deep-seated passion for American politics, Ed's journey began as a blogger, where his insightful and often incisive commentary quickly garnered attention. His unique ability to dissect complex political issues and present them in an accessible, relatable manner has distinguished him in a crowded field. His sharp analytical skills, coupled with a straightforward, no-nonsense approach, have made him a respected voice among conservative commentators. As the host, The Ed Delgado Show,, he delves into current political events and issues from a conservative perspective, blending serious analysis with a touch of humor and sarcasm. The show, known for its candid and often provocative discussions, appeals to a broad audience, ranging from political novices to aficionados. Ed's advocacy for limited government, free markets, and individual liberties resonates strongly with his listeners, and his talent for engaging and persuasive discourse has only amplified his influence. Beyond the microphone, Ed is actively involved in health and wellness in addition to political discourse to garner a greater understanding of others, striving to foster a more informed and engaged public. His work extends beyond mere commentary; it is a call to action for listeners to think critically and participate actively in the democratic process. Ed Delgado isn't just a voice in the conservative movement; he is a catalyst for dialogue and change.

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