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Mandela Barnes for Senate: ‘The Founding of This Nation – Awful’


Mandela Barnes for Senate: Barnes thinks the founding of the United States was “awful.”

Radical Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, a Democrat who is running in a primary for a chance to square off against U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, spent the Fourth of July weekend bashing America.

“Imagine, ah, being so ashamed of how we got to this place in America that you outlaw teaching, you know. Things were bad. Things were terrible. The founding of this nation – awful,” Barnes said.

Watch the video here. It was first obtained by talk show host Dan O’Donnell.

Mandela Barnes for Senate: His Most Shameful Moments

Barnes’ Twitter page reads, “Candidate for U.S. Senate | WI’s Lt. Governor. Runner, struggling plant dad, and believer in opportunity for all. He/him.”

Barnes also attended several Fourth of July parades this weekend. He is one of several Democrats vying for the chance to face Johnson, and he is leading in the polls against his fellow Democrats. He espouses a left-wing ideology on issues relating to police, crime, abortion, and other topics.

We previously wrote about Mandela Barnes’ top four most shameful moments here.

We wrote about his support for ending cash bail.

As a legislator, he voted against making it a felony to batter a prosecutor or family member of a police officer.

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