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Palestinian Refugees in the U.S.? Biden’s Potential Plan Takes Fire



President Joe Biden is reportedly considering bringing Palestinian refugees into the U.S., but news of that potential decision sparked a wave of criticism for Biden.

A group of Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate sent a letter to the president condemning the alleged plan, which was reported by CBS News earlier this week.

“U.S. and allied officials have very little access to Gazans living in the area, making it nearly impossible to conduct thorough vetting before admitting them into our country,” the letter said. “We must ensure Gazans with terrorist ties or sympathies are denied admission into the United States – no easy feat, given the fact that the Gazans were the ones who voted Hamas into power in 2006. Without thorough vetting, your administration may inadvertently accept terrorists posing as refugees into the interior.

“This is especially the case as Hamas terrorists have a long track record of co-mingling with civilian populations in Gaza,” the letter added.

Biden has been trying to navigate the difficult issue of the Israel-Hamas war, which reignited last fall when the terrorist group Hamas killed more than 1,000 Israelis, many of them civilians, and carried out rapes and other atrocities.

“With more than a third of Gazans supporting the Hamas militants, we are not confident that your administration can adequately vet this high-risk population for terrorist ties and sympathies before admitting them into the United States,” the letter said. “We are further worried that accepting Gazan refugees might cause a crisis at the Egypt-Gaza border, leading to chaos that would only empower Iran-backed Hamas.

Israel has responded with a sustained bombing campaign targeting Hamas members and leaders.

The humanitarian fallout of the war, though, has led many far-left advocates in the U.S. to occupy college campuses and more to push for an end to the bombing.

Hundreds of migrants with known or suspected terrorist ties have been caught trying to enter the U.S. in recent years through both the northern and southern border. With millions of migrants who have entered the U.S. undetected in recent years, it is unknown just how many are terrorists or have terrorist ties.

“Border officials have arrested 169 people on the FBI terror watch lists in Fiscal Year 2023, a record-setting number that exceeds the total of the last six fiscal years combined,” the letter said. “Apprehended terrorists include a Hezbollah fighter who intended ‘to make a bomb’ and was headed for New York.”

The lawmakers also questioned Biden’s efforts to rescue American hostages from the hands of Hamas, which is designated a terrorist group by the U.S. State Department.

“We are also frustrated that your administration is pushing ahead with a plan to evacuate Gazans from the Strip when there are still American citizens held hostage by Hamas,” the letter said. “We demand that your administration cease planning for accepting Gazan refugees until you adequately answer our concerns and focus your attention instead on securing the release of U.S. hostages held by Hamas.”

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