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Retirement spending in Wisconsin averages $1,058,902, study finds


Average residents of Wisconsin will spend $1,058,902 during their retirement years, in a state where the cost of living is 8.1 percent less than the national average, according to a new study from the website 24/7 Wall St.

The analysis used data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the independent Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation to examine what it costs to retire comfortably in each state. Whether someone saves enough to live comfortably during his golden years depends on several factors, such as whether he will receive pension payments in addition to Social Security, according to 24/7 Wall St.

In Wisconsin, the average monthly housing cost for those 65 and older who own their homes was estimated at $529. And the share of seniors in the state population is 17 percent, according to the report.

Nationwide, Americans will spend on average $987,000 during their retirement years, with the average life expectancy at age 65 estimated at 19.4 years, according to 24/7 Wall St.

Average Retirement Spending in Each State

StateEstimated Total Retirement SpendingCost of Living Compared to National AverageAverage Monthly Housing Cost for Senior Homeowners% of Population 65 and OlderAlabama$894,46113.6% less$35717.0%Alaska$1,170,7634.8% more$50411.9%Arizona$1,134,4823.5% less$41017.6%Arkansas$893,05114.7% less$35516.8%California$1,397,17415.4% more$56714.3%Colorado$1,192,0061.9% more$45914.2%Connecticut$1,265,9596.1% more$87017.2%Delaware$1,121,0701.2% less$45118.7%Florida$1,194,4510.6% more$49420.5%Georgia$1,006,3037% less$40013.8%Hawaii$1,485,12318.1% more$51818.4%Idaho$1,049,5857.5% less$36415.9%Illinois$1,118,8651.9% less$60915.6%Indiana$961,04410.7% less$39915.7%Iowa$1,017,35810.8% less$47317.0%Kansas$1,000,16210% less$51015.9%Kentucky$898,68312.2% less$37216.4%Louisiana$943,25810.9% less$34015.5%Maine$1,093,744equal to$50120.6%Maryland$1,242,6818.4% more$61515.4%Massachusetts$1,276,8329.7% more$79416.5%Michigan$1,021,4297.6% less$47717.2%Minnesota$1,157,6442.5% less$52415.8%Mississippi$885,29014% less$34215.9%Missouri$966,05111.2% less$45216.9%Montana$1,009,5496.7% less$44118.8%Nebraska$1,015,54510.5% less$50915.8%Nevada$1,077,8062.5% less$41215.7%New Hampshire$1,190,3686% more$78418.1%New Jersey$1,367,80015.2% more$98616.1%New Mexico$1,049,6858.9% less$35717.6%New York$1,402,47316.4% more$76816.4%North Carolina$1,014,7968.2% less$40516.3%North Dakota$1,033,3259.4% less$45615.3%Ohio$941,01811.6% less$46417.1%Oklahoma$925,50711.6% less$40115.7%Oregon$1,153,0811.1% more$53117.6%Pennsylvania$1,083,5092.5% less$52818.2%Rhode Island$1,138,3600.7% less$69917.3%South Carolina$975,0888.9% less$37617.7%South Dakota$997,39012.1% less$46416.6%Tennessee$951,72710.1% less$38416.3%Texas$1,087,0533.2% less$48012.5%Utah$1,101,7573.4% less$41311.1%Vermont$1,192,8253% more$65019.9%Virginia$1,163,3462% more$47615.4%Washington$1,254,7187.8% more$59415.4%West Virginia$898,68312.2% less$31720.0%Wisconsin$1,058,9028.1% less$52917.0%Wyoming$1,041,0117.3% less$41316.7%

Source: 24/7 Wall St.

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