Thursday, June 13, 2024
Thursday, June 13, 2024

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In One Year, Milwaukee Will Make History


By: RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel

We are officially one year away from the 2024 Republican National Convention in Milwaukee. As Chairwoman of the RNC, we are working overtime to put on a historic convention that showcases the very best of our Party and the very best of a great Midwestern American city. When the balloons drop on that stage in July 2024, we will be nominating the next President of the United States – a candidate who will beat Joe Biden, unite the American people, and set our country on a positive new course to fix the failures of the past few years.

The RNC has been proud to work alongside the Milwaukee Host Committee, Visit Milwaukee, and Milwaukee leadership in pulling out all the stops to make this a success. This will be a world-class event that will create a tremendous impact for Milwaukee and Wisconsin at large. The Convention will attract upwards of 50,000 delegates, staff, sponsoring corporations, security, media, and other organizations to the Cream City. Those folks will be staying in Wisconsin hotels, patronizing Wisconsin small businesses, and taking advantage of all that this great American city has to offer. In other words, this event will create a serious short-and-long term economic impact for this region.

Here’s an early sign of the economic potential at hand: the Milwaukee 2024 Host Committee, a group the RNC is partnering with to put on this Convention, recently launched a “Vendor Connection,” a tool for connecting local businesses to upcoming Convention opportunities. To date, over 1,000 local businesses have signed up through the portal. That’s a tangible indicator of just how massive this event can be for local businesses and the excitement we are experiencing on the ground. All told, it’s estimated that this Convention will bring in up to $200 million in financial windfall not just for Milwaukee but for communities throughout Wisconsin. That’s the kind of economic benefit that can create jobs, support small businesses, and spur local economic innovation.

This event is a total win-win: Wisconsinites benefit from sustained economic investment in their communities, and Americans benefit from seeing the best of the Republican Party showcased in a historic event that will captivate the attention of citizens and voters from coast to coast.

The RNC has already placed 12 staff permanently on the ground in Milwaukee to work alongside our partners, build relationships in the community and ensure that this is a tremendous event. By the end of the summer, we’ll have nearly 20. This isn’t our first time in town. Last cycle, the RNC invested over $4 million in Wisconsin midterm elections; we engaged with nearly 5 million Wisconsinites throughout the election season. The RNC was also proud to open a Black Community Center in Milwaukee to reach out to local minority voters, and we plan on teaming up with the Republican Party of Wisconsin again for that same effort this cycle. We won a key Senate seat in Wisconsin in 2022 by re-electing Senator Ron Johnson, and we’re working to secure Wisconsin’s electoral votes for our eventual Republican candidate in 2024. Our Convention in Milwaukee is a continuation of ongoing Republican investment in the Badger State.

Massive economic benefits. The best of Wisconsin, center-stage, for the entire world to see. An unforgettable four days culminating in the nomination of our next President and Vice President. In one year, the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee will take its place in the history books and catapult our party – and our country – forward on the mission of making Joe Biden a one-term President.


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