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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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Secure the Border: We Want a Clean Bill [WRN VOICES]


It’s really quite simple: If Joe Biden and the Democrats really wanted to secure our nation’s border, then they’d give the American citizens a clean bill that actually secures the border and protects American citizens.

Not this ridiculous attempt by Chuck Schumer/Democrats to continue funding a war that Ukraine will never win and providing instant citizenship to the millions of illegals (including the drug dealers, terrorists, rapists, murderers, human/child sex traffickers, etc.) that have illegally crossed the border to date.

How exactly does laundering money through the military-industrial complex secure our nation’s border? And when did Democrats become pro-war? Such hypocrisy.

Last May, (almost a year ago!), House Republicans delivered a clean border security bill to America when they passed H.R.2 – Secure the Border Act of 2023.

The overwhelming majority of Americans have expressed profound dissatisfaction with the crisis at the border. Approximately 70% disapprove of Biden’s handling of the border, with 61% attributing the current crisis directly to his/Democrat policies. This public sentiment underscores the urgent need for actionable solutions beyond mere rhetoric and a sham bill that is intended to provide unlimited funding to warmongers and massive amnesty/permanent citizenship to the millions of illegals whose first action in America was committing a crime (illegally crossing the border into the United States is a crime.)

Why is the crisis at the border so difficult for Democrats to admit? Because they want America to fail. Has it really taken them almost four years to realize that our country is being invaded?

The crisis that they created is intentional and designed to destroy America. The only reason that Democrats are now proposing an absurd sham “border security” bill is in reaction to polling data which reveals that the majority of Americans understand and acknowledge that we have a crisis at the border and therefore, puts Joe Biden’s (and all Democrat’s) re-election bids in peril. It’s so obvious that even the most clueless Democrats can’t ignore it any longer.

Has anyone seen Squad Member AOC staging a photo op at the border lately? Where has the cackling hyena border czar been?

It’s terrifying to see how egregious Democrat “immigration” policies have become.

Here is a never-ending sampling of headlines from all over the country:

Biden’s Border Policies are Helping Cartels Operate Child Sex Trafficking Rings in US

Mexican Cartels Exploiting Border Chaos to Smuggle Fentanyl into US

Maine Sets Up Rent-Free Apartments for Illegals to in Live In

Biden Has Spent $20 Billion on Illegals

NYC Spends $53 Million to Give Illegals Pre-Paid Cards to Purchase Food

Federal Authorities Caught Known Terrorist, Released Him Into Country

Democrats Vote to Protect Illegals Who Drive Drunk from Deportation

Our Immigration Mess: Ruling Elite is “Hell Bent on the West’s Self-Annihilation”

Illinois Lawmaker Suggests Residents House Illegals

Maine Votes to Create New Office to Help Illegals

Democrat Lawmakers Propose Making Minnesota a Sanctuary State

Illegal Who Raped Disabled Person Released by Mass. Court 

Family of a 20-year-old Woman Brutally Raped and Strangled by Illegal Files a $100 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Biden Administration 

‘Animalistic Predator:’ Illegal Deported Multiple Times Brutally Raped Ohio Woman

Biden’s US border Crisis is Now Deadly Enough to Kill EVERY American: 386 Million Doses of Fentanyl Seized by the DEA in 2023

Biden Slammed for Declaring January Human Trafficking Prevention Month as Border Smuggling Hits New Highs

American voters: This is Joe Biden’s America.

Please end this misery. Vote Republican in November!

Meg Ellefson
Meg Ellefson grew up in St. Paul, MN and graduated from St. Catherine University with a degree in speech communications. She has worked in information technology as well as sales and marketing for several years. She and her husband moved their family from the Twin Cities to Wausau in 2006, when his company transferred him to Wisconsin. As a young mom, she got involved in conservative politics and in 2009, founded the Wausau Tea Party in response to the irresponsible, harmful and unrestrained conduct of our elected officials. She is the director of Get Involved Wisconsin, Inc, a grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to mobilizing citizens to participate and take action to address local issues affecting our way of life in Wisconsin. She believes that it’s important for citizens to be engaged and to pay close attention to the actions of local government officials and to hold them accountable. She enjoys the outdoors, running/fitness and listening to 70s/80s music and live bands. If her dad (who was the most influential person in her life and encouraged her interest in politics) were still alive today, he’d be thrilled that she’s finally found her dream job as the host of the WSAU Morning News and The Meg Ellefson Show.

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