Thursday, April 18, 2024
Thursday, April 18, 2024

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‘Stimmy Shimmy’: Wisconsin Democrats Post Weird TikTok On Stimulus Relief


The Wisconsin Democratic Party posted a ridiculous TikTok video called “stimmy shimmy” that makes fun of stimulus relief during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has cost hundreds of thousands of people their lives and led to the demise of many small businesses.

They think the pandemic is funny?

The TikTok video, now deleted, was called the “Stimmy Shimmy” and shows people dancing around, ecstatically happy that they have a lot of stimulus money to blow. The video was posted around the same time that an awful jobs report came out; why would people want to work when they are getting so much government money?

That doesn’t seem very funny to us. Government debt isn’t very hysterical either.

Watch the “Stimmy Shimmy” TikTok Here:

Different people dance in the video. One man holds a sign that says “stimmy” and the words “$$$ in the bank” appears on the screen. A man rubs his fingers together like he has money. They seem to think it’s completely grand and laughable that they’ve gotten government stimulus checks.

Again, excuse us, but we don’t think any of it is funny. Can you imagine if Republicans posted a video making fun of the pandemic and people’s need for stimulus relief?

Does it need to be said? Many small businesses and people are suffering during the pandemic and stimulus relief spending comes from somewhere – all of us are paying for it. It’s not free money, it’s putting a huge debt load on future generations, including our children, and the Democrats are treating it like some kind of a joke?

Screenshots posted to Twitter show the video was also posted on the Wisconsin Democrats’ verified Twitter page @WisDems. The status read, “When the stimmy hits the bank… Thanks to @POTUS and thanks to @TheDemocrats. #American REscuePlan.” You can also see the Democrats’ TikTok page icon in the corner of the video.

The Federalist reported that the ridiculous video was deleted by the Democrats after Twitter uses skewered them over it.

Twitter user Brian Onorio, who identifies as a conservative, saved the video and wrote, “Looks like @WisDems deleted this cringe video of the ‘stimmy shimmy’ thanking the president for free money. Why’d you do that? Here’s the video in case you missed it.”

Some people challenged the Wisconsin Democratic Party on Twitter. Here are some comments:

“Yo dude, why did you party delete the stimmy shimmy? Weren’t you proud of that?”

“dumbfounded #StimmyShimmy.”

According to Kellogg Insight, “In the past recessions, a significant portion of the checks went to big durables purchases, like cars—but in 2020, much more of the spending is devoted to groceries and takeout food, as well as to catching up on rent and bill payments.”


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