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Saturday, July 20, 2024

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The Pro-Life Casualties are Piling Up


Republicans are frustrated with their electoral losses. To compound this frustration, Republicans are undeniably losing primarily due to one issue—abortion. Until the matter of abortion is effectively addressed or neutralized, it is arguable that Republicans will continue to fall short at the ballot box. 

Here are two examples.

With an 11-point margin, Justice Janet Protasiewicz overwhelmingly won the April 2023 election, tilting the balance of the Wisconsin Supreme Court toward progressivism. Undoubtedly, her victory was driven by the exploitation of the hot-button issue of abortion, heightened by the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

Adding to the complexity, a Wisconsin law dating back to 1849 prohibited almost all abortions. Although the law included an exception for an abortion necessary to save the life of the mother, Democrats distorted the truth in campaign ads, misleading the populace by suggesting that women would be strapped to gurneys, and forced to endure pregnancies with no exceptions. Wisconsinites voted for Janet out of fear.

Tim Michels’ abortion messaging became ammunition for Democrats who depicted him as excessively extreme for Wisconsin during the 2022 gubernatorial race. In his victory speech, Tony Evers asserted, “being boring wins.”

Evers, whose demeanor is duller than the color beige, made a valid point. Once more, Democrats sought to sway voters by employing exaggerated misinformation tactics to instill fear following the Dobbs decision. Tim Michels was portrayed as someone who would actively round up and imprison doctors performing abortions on women who were victims of rape and incest. Hyperbole is anything but boring.

Nationally, we suffer as well. 

The “Come On In” sign at the southern border, courtesy of Joseph R. Biden and his fellow Democrats, has facilitated a $150 billion business in human trafficking, tantamount to human slavery. Babies, separated from their families with no names or identification, are bought and sold like commodities, thrust into horrifying circumstances. These infants will grow up experiencing nothing but forced labor and sexual exploitation as if these atrocities were normal. 

“Coyotes,” human smugglers who often charge upwards of $20,000 to facilitate U.S.-Mexico border crossings, show little to no concern for the vulnerable people they smuggle. The discovery of hundreds of bodies along the border points to deaths caused by hypothermia and dehydration. 

In 2022, almost 74,000 people died from fentanyl overdoses, and this number continues to rise. On average, 150 individuals die from synthetic opioid overdoses every day. China remains the principal source of fentanyl-related substances and precursors trafficked into the United States, much of which crosses the southern border. Coincidentally, Hunter Biden worked tirelessly for many years cultivating “business” relationships with China to rake in cash for the big guy. Gives one pause, doesn’t it.

We are losing our children and future generations to the impact of the trans movement. Children are undergoing sterilization through the use of puberty blockers. Locally, the University of Wisconsin operates a Gender Services Clinic, advocating for “health equity for LGBTQIA+ individuals in the community who have traditionally been marginalized in areas of physical and emotional health rooted in complex systems of stigmatization and oppression.” This is Biden’s America.

There is a stark reality that we must confront: Abortions. Will. Never. Go. Away. The divisive nature of this issue is contributing to the challenges we face as a nation, and holding onto the hope that it will go away is an unrealistic expectation. We cannot risk losing this country by clinging to a pipe dream.

Team Tony, Janet, and supporters are focused on dismantling the judicial and legislative landscape of Wisconsin. While we, pro-life Republicans, continue to stand with our heels dug deeply into the ground, our country is suffering a slow death at the hands of the Democrats. We are complicit.

Wisconsin Republicans can take several strategic steps. First, it is essential to neutralize the Democratic strategy of fear-mongering for votes by countering it with compassion and truth. At a minimum, clear messaging is needed to assure that abortions will always be available for women who are victims of rape or incest.

Additionally, it is crucial to communicate that the health of a mother will never be compromised. This approach aims to prevent Democrats from making unfounded claims, such as Republicans allowing ectopic pregnancies to result in fatalities. Clear communication and a compassionate stance can help reshape the narrative and appeal to a broader audience.

Secondly, as a representative democracy, elected officials must genuinely consider the will of the people they represent. Understanding that there is a red line for many concerning gestational age, it is imperative to determine Wisconsin’s specific threshold. Data such as the 2021 CDC national statistics, which indicate that 94% of abortions were performed at or before 13 weeks gestation, can help determine Wisconsin’s red line. In Europe, the red line is 15 weeks. This approach ensures that legislative decisions align with the preferences of the majority of the state’s residents.

Third, Republicans need to shift the narrative and hold Democrats accountable for spreading misinformation. Democrats must be made aware that baseless lies about Republican candidates’ stances on abortion will be met with strong pushback. It is crucial to clarify that Republicans do not advocate for punishing abortions with capital punishment, nor do they support government-mandated pregnancies.

In contrast, an aggressive education program should highlight that the Democrats’ stance includes supporting near-term abortions and that near-term abortions do, in fact, exist.

Additionally, informing the public that aborted babies born alive have been left to die is essential. In 2020, 773 abortions were performed where the babies would likely have survived outside the womb, as reported by the Charlotte Lozier Institute for Abortion Reporting. Having Republicans in office is essential for addressing and potentially abolishing this practice.

During the second presidential primary debate, the endorsement of a 15-week federal abortion ban by both then-candidate Tim Scott and candidate Ron DeSantis was met with praise from a leading anti-abortion organization. Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, expressed gratitude to Scott and DeSantis for advocating protections for babies under 15 weeks’ gestational age “while keeping states free to be as ambitious for life as possible.”

Democrats have been perceived as extremists, and their policies have resulted in numerous casualties. Despite this, they have proven highly effective, consistently winning elections. If we Republicans continue to have a very narrow scope of what it means to be pro-life, we will be complicit in the increasing body count. We need to bend. As a pro-life mother of two, I want to remain as ambitious for life as possible, not only as a champion for the unborn, but also for those already born who fall victim to progressive policies. Please, Republicans. Let’s start winning.

Christine Illgen
Christine was born in Brooklyn, New York, to refugees who fled Poland after World War II. Her family's experiences significantly influenced her social, cultural, and political views, sparking her conservative activism. Christine graduated from the University of Notre Dame with bachelor's and master's degrees in electrical engineering. After relocating to Boston, she worked as a researcher at the MIT Center for Genome Research, specializing in laboratory automation for high-throughput sequencing for the Human Genome Project. While in Boston, she also served as a writer and software developer for Charles River Analytics and I2 Technologies. Currently, she holds the position of Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Dane County (RPDC) and serves as an advisor to the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans. Before becoming Vice Chair, she co-chaired the RPDC Public Policy Committee and organized fundraisers, candidate forums, and educational events related to public health and parental rights. Chrissi Illgen's opinions represent her personal opinion and not those of this publication or any entity where she volunteers or works.

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