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Thursday, June 13, 2024

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Scott Walker: Redistricting Battle a Reflection of The Left’s Hate For Trump


Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says Democrats in the state continue to hate him for what he did more than a decade after he took office. But he said the current redistricting effort, and the political change that could follow, are more a reflection of the left’s hate for former President Trump.

Walker told News Talk 1130 WISN’s Jay Weber the effort to flip Wisconsin toward Democrats is a direct result of last spring’s election that flipped the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

And that election, Walker said, is a direct result of the Democrat’s fundraising and campaigning in the state.

“It is a reflection of what happens when the left is driven largely by their hate and disdain nationally for President Trump. They see Wisconsin is a key state, which it is. And they’ve just been better at Republicans and conservatives at pouring money into things like the Supreme Court race,” Walker said. “It’s hard to deny the enormous advantage that was held by the liberal candidate in that race and then they were really good at targeting. You know they put a million and a half just into the University of Wisconsin campus at Madison.”

Walker added that the new liberal-majority Supreme Court now needs to decide what it will do with its majority.

“We have to wake up to the reality that with this new liberal majority, they’re kind of setting aside judicial restraint and basically doing what [Justice Janet Protasiewicz] said during the campaign, which was she’s going to throw the maps out, that she’s going to throw Act 10 out, and she’s going to do the other things,” Walker explained. “The rest of the justices have to decide whether they want to be justices or they’re just going to be political hacks.”

Walker said Act 10, which radically transformed how teachers unions could negotiate with their local schools, remains popular with both taxpayers and local school leaders. He said Act 10 has saved the people of Wisconsin nearly $20 billion since it became law in 2011, and he said many local superintendents and school board members would be sad to see it overturned.

“People need to realize this, if [Act 10] gets reversed, it doesn’t go back to the way it was years and years ago. It means all this money that right now is actually going into the classroom, that’s able to reward exceptional teachers, that’s able to put curriculum and things for kids in the classroom could potentially now be sucked up by the union bosses, and used for all sorts of outrageous things,” the former governor said. “It would take money out of the classroom, we will be back at where we were the year before I took office.”

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