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Shocking West Bend High School Brawl Results in 5 Arrested, 4 Students Hospitalized [WATCH VIDEOS]


A terrifying brawl broke out this afternoon at West Bend High School resulting in five arrested and four students hospitalized.

According to West Bend Police, On Friday, Dec. 8, at 2:30 pm, police received a report of a fight in progress in the parking lot of the West Bend High Schools (1305 E. Decorah Road). A 14-year-old female student, two 15-year-old male students, a 16-year-old female student, and two 16-year-old male students were involved in a physical fight near the bus pickup area during dismissal, police said.

The high school fight comes after a separate incident that occurred December 4 at Badger Middle School. In the Badger incident, a 14-year-old male was accused of striking a female student. Then, pm December 5, 2023, also at Badger Middle School. there was an incident involving a parent and an 8th grade coach.

Watch the West Bend fight video below.

West Bend Fight Video Goes Viral

The press release continues, “The fight was broken up by school staff, school police officers, and other responding area law enforcement officers. Five subjects were immediately taken into custody on scene. A sixth subject was located shortly after the incident at his residence and taken into custody. One of the 16-year-old males sustained facial and head injuries and was taken to a local hospital for treatment via ambulance. The 14-year-old female, one of the 15-year-old males, and the 16-year-old female complained of minor injuries and were also taken to a local hospital for treatment via ambulance. All subjects remained in police custody while receiving initial medical treatment.”

According to police, five subjects remained in custody until processed through the criminal juvenile intake system. Three of the five subjects were placed into secure detention on felony charges of Physical Abuse of a Child. The other two subjects were processed and released to their parents. They will be facing a felony charge of Physical Abuse of a Child.

West Bend Superintendent Email to Parents

West Bend Superintendent Jen Wimmer sent out the following email to parents friday:


Safety for our students, staff, and community is a priority. Behavior that is disruptive to the school community, jeopardizes safety, or makes others feel unsafe is absolutely unacceptable. This week we encountered incidents that fly in the face of this expectation. As such, substantial repercussions have already taken place with more to follow. Summaries regarding these incidents involving student behavior are provided below for your information.

Monday after school at Badger, three female students participated in a verbal altercation. A male student entered the area and tried to direct one of the female students to move away from the altercation. The male student responded to the continued verbal altercation by striking one of the female students. A second student responded by repeatedly striking the male student who then pushed that student away from the altercation striking her during the exchange. Law enforcement was called and the investigation of the incident carried over into the next day. Consequences for physical altercations such as this include removal from school and municipal citations.

Following dismissal on Friday, December 8, five students at East and West High Schools were taken into custody by the West Bend Police Department after a physical altercation in the East parking lot. The West Bend Police will be issuing a press release.

Students that act in this manner are removed from school and face additional consequences through referral to law enforcement. Let me be clear, this behavior is not and will not be tolerated in our schools.

I am resolute in my belief that school must be a place where everyone can feel safe. Anyone who threatens that feeling with their actions or words will face the greatest possible consequences. The West Bend Police Department, Jackson Police Department, and Washington County Sheriff’s Office have consistently supported us in those efforts and we will continue to partner with them when police action is warranted.

Your partnership is appreciated to ensure that students meet the expectations for safety in the school environment. Please talk with your child(ren) about the expectations for behavior in the school environment. In addition, we appreciate your continued support by encouraging students who witness, hear about, or experience bullying, threatening behavior, or criminal activity to report the information.

Thank you for your continued efforts to support your child(ren) and our schools. Should you have any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding discipline or any other aspect of your child’s education, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our administrators or me. We value your partnership in creating a nurturing and supportive environment for our students.

Jim Piwowarczyk
Jim Piwowarczyk is an investigative journalist and co-founder of Wisconsin Right Now.

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