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Sunday, June 23, 2024

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Trump Slams Secret Service Investigation into White House Cocaine



Former President Donald Trump criticized the U.S Secret Service’s investigation into cocaine found in the White House after it failed to turn up any clues or suspects.

The U.S. Secret Service said Thursday it closed its investigation into cocaine found at the White House because of a “lack of physical evidence” 11 days after the illegal drug was found in one of the nation’s most secure buildings.

“There was no surveillance video footage found that provided investigative leads or any other means for investigators to identify who may have deposited the found substance in this area,” the U.S. Secret Service said in a statement. “Without physical evidence, the investigation will not be able to single out a person of interest from the hundreds of individuals who passed through the vestibule where the cocaine was discovered. At this time, the Secret Service’s investigation is closed due to a lack of physical evidence.”

Trump said on his social media platform that he doesn’t buy it.

“It has just been announced that the ‘investigation’ of Cocaine in the White House has ended. Despite all of the cameras pointing directly at the ‘scene of the crime,’ and the greatest forensics anywhere in the World, they just can’t figure it out?” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “They know the answer, and so does everyone else! In the meantime, they continue to target and investigate me, for years, in what has been called the greatest Witch Hunt of all time – Over NOTHING!!! ELECTION INTERFERENCE & a Two Tier Level of Justice.”

Trump had previously claimed, without evidence, that the cocaine belonged to President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden detailed his years-long struggle with drug and alcohol addiction in his 2021 memoir.

The Biden family was not at the White House when the cocaine was found. The family had gone to Camp David for the holiday weekend.

Several of Trump’s former White House staffers took to social media to say that the press paid more attention to who got COVID-19 in the White House than the cocaine mystery.

“The press tracked who had the sniffles more aggressively during the Trump administration than who’s been sniffing COCAINE in the WEST WING of the Biden administration,” former staffer Harrison Fields wrote on Twitter.

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