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Sunday, April 14, 2024

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Democratic Law Firm Files Challenge Against Wisconsin Congressional Maps


Six of Wisconsin’s eight members of Congress are Republican.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is now being asked to overturn the Wisconsin congressional maps after asking for new legislative maps.

The Elias Law Group, headed by lawyer Mark Elias, asked the state’s high court to redraw the maps.

Wisconsin congressional maps

Elias has ties to the Hillary Clinton campaign network and has filed several election-related lawsuits across the country.

“Wisconsin’s current congressional map was drawn according to a ‘least change’ principle that perpetuated and exacerbated the partisan unfairness that has robbed Wisconsin voters of fair congressional districts for over a decade,” Elias Law Group partner Abha Khanna said in a statement.

The “least change” principle kept Wisconsin’s maps largely unchanged in 2021, and once again gave Republicans in the state a majority.

Six of Wisconsin’s eight members of Congress are Republican.

Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman Brian Schimming said the lawsuit isn’t about “least change.” Instead, he said it’s about political power.

“The newly bought and paid for liberal majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court faces yet another test of the public’s trust: do the right thing by leaving the current, constitutional maps in place or abandon sound judgment by catering to their left-wing out-of-state donors,” Schmmining said.

Wisconsin’s new liberal-majority Supreme Court discarded the state’s legislative maps just before Christmas. The court said those maps, also drawn in 2021 and used in the 2022 elections, were too friendly to Republicans.

The court set a March 15 deadline to get new legislative maps so they can be used in this fall’s election.

The Elias lawsuit also asks for the new Wisconsin congressional maps for the November election.

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