Saturday, July 13, 2024
Saturday, July 13, 2024

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Donald Trump Will Run the Gauntlet to Victory [Up Against the Wall]


Well, now that Donald Trump has completed New Hampshire, I predict that he will run the gauntlet. For the first time in recent history, he’ll likely win every caucus and primary going forward, which would be historic.

And if the election were today, he’d win. Of course, he still needs to win the jousting contest with the various courts and prosecutors.

But regardless of his wins, he should want Haley to remain in the contest to keep the Democrats from even more attacks on him.

What I don’t understand is DeSantis exiting the race just days before the New Hampshire election. He had already committed to his ad buys, his team was in place, and he probably would have beaten Haley again.

What’s odd is that he endorsed Trump after exiting, but if he really wanted to help Trump he would have stayed in the race through New Hampshire to split the remaining vote with Haley. Very odd.

Instead, Haley picks up the DeSantis vote plus some independents or Democrat crossovers winning 43% of the vote. Pretty darn good. But…once her liberal Wall Street donors cut her off, she’ll be done.

What’s even more odd is the auto workers union endorsing Biden.

This whole election makes for strange bedfellows. Biden is trying to destroy American auto manufacturers with his green demands and his shutting down of the pipelines. He’s no friend of gas-powered vehicles. But hey, the auto workers union management loves him! Did they bother to ask the auto workers themselves – the same workers who will likely vote for anybody but Biden?

You gotta love the pundits though. Making up false drama and setting false expectations.

The three top issues for winning the next election are the economy, border security, and foreign affairs. Stick to those and the conservative nominee can win.

On October 18 and November 23, 2023 Donald Trump tweeted out on Trump’s Truth Social account T. Wall’s October 6th column on Trump’s property valuations. T. Wall holds a degree from the UW in economics and an M.S. in real estate analysis and valuation and is a real estate developer. Disclaimer: The opinions of the writer are not necessarily those of this publication or the left!

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