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How the Left Censors Dissent, From NBC to the Dane County Board [Up Against the Wall]


Yes, leadership counts. Why state the obvious? Because there are still moderate, reasonable liberals out there that I know will vote for Biden. No matter how much they suffer, no matter the number of wars, the environmental pollution from the wars, high prices, and more, these people will still support Biden. I can only imagine how bad it really has to get before they vote for someone else.

Ronna McDaniel – Wow. That was fast. I got whiplash watching that trainwreck. Once again, the leftists on NBC simply cannot tolerate anyone, not even one, dissenting voice or person of reason that might disagree with them. And it clearly shows the inmates are running the asylum.

Dane County Board – And much like NBC and McDaniel, the liberals that control 36 seats out of 37 (yes, it’s one of the largest boards in the nation, and no, they shouldn’t be proud of that) can’t stand the idea of even a single voice of dissent on the board, so they are trying hard to get rid of the only conservative voice, Jeff Weigand, District 20. Think about that. They’re so obsessed with promoting their leftist agenda that they can’t let anyone disagree with their false facts and fake news. For anyone who lived when the Soviet Union and East Germany existed, you know what I mean, but our younger generation must be told stories about those times for them to learn.

I visited East Germany within months of the Berlin Wall coming down; we slept overnight in a ‘hotel’ (if you can call it that) in East Berlin. What an experience. The left on our county board reminds me so much of East Germany and the Stasi. You weren’t allowed to say even a single word that disagreed with the state’s stated position, or you would be ‘disappeared’. We drove through (for 30 miles) a Soviet military base in East Germany. (The base was so big that they provided a road through the middle (fenced in) to allow drives to cut through. Soviet soldiers were standing around, not sure what to do because they hadn’t been ordered home yet.

The rule for leftists is always to eliminate any dissenting voice because one lone voice can rally the people to rise and overthrow their dictator rulers. There was no free speech, in fact, no speech of any kind, period. No free assembly, no free press, no freedom at all. You did what the state told you to do, or you were gone.

Same with the Dane County board, they simply cannot allow Weigand to call out their false
claims, to lie to the public, to manipulate, etc. How ironic for those who claim to want diversity to not allow any diversity of thought or speech. Sorry Jeff, there’s no DEI to step in and protect you as a conservative minority on the board.

But we’re here to support that lone voice. Stand up and be heard. Scream it out from the balconies. Don’t give any ground. TikTok – Some people argue that threatening to ban TikTok or forcing the Communist party to sell it (“divest”) is an infringement on TikTok’s right to free speech. While corporations are recognized as people under the Constitution, TikTok, and its Chinese Communist Party owners are not entitled to protection under our Constitution.

They are not citizens of the U.S., and the company is not headquartered here (regardless of what they say, decision-making is made in China by the communist party owners.) To give TikTok the same rights as U.S. citizens would be to allow the company and the CCP to also issue open records requests of our government and make all kinds of demands on our government and life in the U.S. that they themselves would never allow in China.

Don’t be fooled, the CCP is not entitled to rights that they themselves don’t give others nor do they believe in such rights. We’re at war with these people, not just over our culture, but for the freedom and liberty of the world. Don’t play by their rules.

Gun Control – Have you ever noticed that the highest crime areas are where the most restricted gun control exists? (Likewise, with the denial of your second amendment rights.) Illinois, New York, Mexico, and other locations allow gangs and cartels (in cahoots with government officials) to carry guns and terrorize residents, but residents are not allowed to carry a gun to defend themselves.

Government Censorship – The Supreme Court case involving Crazy Uncle Joe’s administration conspiring with the tech oligarchs to censor Biden’s opposition, raised the question of when does government pressure on social media companies amount to free speech or coercion. If I heard this right, one lefty Supreme Court justice argued that restraining the government from having tech companies do its censoring for the government would be infringing on the “government’s right to free speech.”

Excuse me? Now, she’s no dummy, so that means she’s deliberately trying to deceive the American public. The First Amendment was created to restrain exactly this kind of government action; it was written to protect the public from the heavy hand of government. The liberals are trying to turn that upside down by twisting the Constitution to try to protect the government’s heavy hand at the cost of censoring us.

When the government suggests that a company do something, it’s always coercion because it’s the government. It’s no different than the mob “asking” your store to make weekly payments for your security and well-being; we all know what will happen if we don’t – and the payments aren’t voluntary just because they ‘ask’ nice.

Haiti – Well, I never anticipated another war – this time right out our back door in Haiti. What else can go wrong under Biden’s “leadership”? It’s a small island, err, excuse me, half an island, not far off our coastline. But you know Biden, Mr. Do Nothing Until It’s Too Late and then make excuses. He’ll wait until it really gets bad, and then Blinkidy-blank will write another stern letter to the criminal gang leader. Ooo, scary. I’m sure the guy is shaken’ in his boots.

If Biden waits long enough, which I am sure is his plan, he can count on millions of Haitian refugees flooding our shores. (I hope DeSantis has a backup plan.) Next stop, Taiwan or Korea.

State Senate & Lobbyists—Huntsman, the former governor of Utah, said, “You don’t have to agree on everything to work together on something.”

Realtors—Realtors are forgetting about the recent run-up in home prices, pushing pricing 30%—50% or even 70% higher in many cases. That means that if the same percent commission is applied, Realtors will receive a much larger dollar commission amount on those higher prices. The good news for home consumers is that commissions should start to come down.

UW System – President Rothman is closing campuses that are not operationally feasible any
longer due to declining enrollment. Good. Campuses that can’t attract customers should be
closed. Why should taxpayers keep funding universities that are failing? It’s like any
government program; once the money starts flowing, it’s almost impossible to cut it off when the need is no longer there. In contrast, Greg Lampe and Steven Wildeck, both former vice-chancellors, argue against the closings. Seriously? The brainwashing at the university system has become so outrageous that the university elites have become a cancer on our children.

The good news is that fewer young adults will be suckered into taking on massive debt to be able to attend overpriced, sub-tier universities, and instead will make the wise choice to attend a tech school or start their careers without a higher degree.

Boeing—How bad does this have to get? Remember when Boeing moved its headquarters to Chicago, away from its manufacturing base? Now I hear they’re moving the headquarters again. When they announced their move to Chicago (who on earth would move to Chicago?), I speculated that they would lose track of their manufacturing and suffer the consequences.

Now that has come true. When the leaders move away from the base of the real operations
and they won’t spend time walking the plant floor, they’re bound to lose oversight. I’m sure
some bean counter thought it would yield big savings by moving a lot of their manufacturing overseas too. Of course, prior management got rewarded by boosting the stock price by reducing costs (temporarily), but now everyone is suffering as a result of that shortsighted decision.

COVID – Well, the real data is finally out. Kids got hurt badly during the COVID / government mandated shut-downs. Well, dah.

Housing & Biden Attacks – Now Biden is attacking landlords, a/k/a, you know, those evil guys and gals that actually provide housing for the rest of us. He claims they are “conspiring to charge more.” First, there’s no conspiring going on, because that would be anti-trust. Every landlord knows they can’t talk about rents to another competing landlord. Second, you, Mr. Biden, caused the higher rents. Stop blaming others for your screw-ups.

DEI – In Business magazine had an interesting article on 40 Under 40 and one of them, Dr.
William T.L. Cox has a consultant company that “provides an evidence-based approach to
diversity, equity, and inclusion”. Hmm, okay, what does that mean? Cox says evidence shows “that the $8 billion DEI industry (yes, $8 with a B) has little meaningful impact.”

Interestingly, so here’s a so-called expert saying that DEI is really a bunch of crap. My words, not his. I give him credit for trying to improve it, but in reality, what this really says is that DEI is not needed, is a waste of taxpayer money, and worse, that there is a massive industry built up around it now that will be difficult to take down. Scary sh*t.

California and Squatters – Only in California; squatters (i.e. trespassers and criminals) are
pushing homeowners out of their own homes by breaking in and taking over their homes.
Supposedly, homeless people and illegal aliens are doing this, which means this problem stems directly from Biden’s open border policy. My thought – boot them out at gunpoint and don’t call the police. I’m so sick of criminals being protected while good, honest, hard-working people suffer.

Correction: We removed several claims about Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, because they can’t be proven. For example, the firing of Shokin has not been proven to berelated to, or meant to protect, Hunter Biden.

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