Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Israel & Iran – The War Escalates | Up Against the Wall


Well, like I said, the war would escalate so long as Biden shows a lack of leadership and he and Schumer work to undermine Israel and actively empower and capitalize Iran with $10 billion. Is anyone surprised that Iran attacked Israel with over 300 missiles and drones shortly after Biden released the funding? The funding release sent the wrong message – that Biden and his administration are not going to stand behind Israel. Iran got the message loud and clear and did exactly what I said they would – escalate.

So now Biden has a real, direct war on his hands – instead of a proxy war where Hamas does Iran’s dirty work for them. Iran has now launched a massive and direct attack, which also opens the door for Israel to defend itself directly, i.e. launch missiles into Iran, which they should do.

Of course, Biden, being a lifelong idiot on foreign policy, can be counted on to get this one wrong as well. Imagine if Chamberlain of Great Britain gave Hitler $10 billion on the eve of WWII after Hitler attacked Czechoslovakia. This whole thing is no surprise.

What really drives me nuts, though, is Biden and his cronies nagging Israel to go easy, proceed with caution, don’t hurt the bad guys, avoid harming civilians in the Gaza strip, etc. When has Biden ever, ever said these things to Hamas or Iran? When has Biden told Iran to proceed with caution? When has he told Iran to cease fire, to stop their war effort? When has Biden called for Iran and Hamas to cease hostilities and free the hostages? Never.

We’d all be better off if Biden would just shut up. What I don’t understand is who is running the show? Apparently, American ships launched countermeasures and helped take down those Iranian drones and missiles. If Biden is saying one thing but then is actively participating in the defense of Israel (which I am glad to see), it says to me that Biden doesn’t know what is going on and is not commanding our armed forces. I think someone else is directing the military to engage actively, while Biden’s puppet masters are directing Biden to say things that are the opposite.

Like Chamberlain, Biden is getting results the opposite of what he intended—he’s getting more war, not less.

Let me explain how bullies work; bullies like Iran are no different than the bullies we all encountered as kids down the block or in school. I had a run-in with quite a few bullies in school. One in particular was picking on a kid on the bus when the driver was standing on the sidewalk. This particular bully was about six foot-four and big-boned. He was picking on a small guy across the aisle from me on the bus. Being a skinny freshman at 115 lbs probably should have convinced me to mind my own business, but I’ve always stood up to bullies. So I got up and told the guy to pick on someone his own size, looking up at him and realizing I may have made a big mistake.

Tick, tick, tick, time was ticking by… And I quickly realized my entire high school career would be serving as a slave of all the bullies if I didn’t stand my ground, so I punched him in the throat, and he went down, hitting his head on the aisle floor and knocking himself out briefly. I quickly sat down, and the driver came back on the bus after hearing the commotion, and the bully was so stunned he didn’t challenge me. Word quickly spread around the school that week to avoid messing with me – ‘he’s crazy’ they said. (Maybe I was!)

But the message was clear: don’t f with this kid. A few weeks later, when another bully, even bigger, was slapping around kids in my English class, one by one, in a row, I challenged him, and naturally, he came over to teach me a lesson. I told him to sit down and shut up, and guess what, he did! He heard what happened a few weeks before. Word got around. Peace reigned.

Think of what would have happened if these bullies had gotten away with their tormenting of other kids. They would have grown into monsters, but instead, they went on to become productive members of society, having learned an important lesson.

The same is true of Iran. Give them a bloody nose, and they’ll back down. Let them get away with their attack on Iran, and they’ll feel empowered and even emboldened. They’ll do it again, and they’ll escalate again. At this point, Israel should feel free to take out the leadership of Iran, just like Iran tried to kill the leadership and the common citizens of Israel. Cut this war off before it grows.

Unfortunately, the only man who can save us now is sitting in a courtroom in New York, distracted by illegitimate, phony charges that, according to everything I read, aren’t even legal.


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