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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Eric Toney Slams AG Kaul for Defunding Prosecutors, Law Enforcement


Josh Kaul crime failure: He’s dropped the ball on fighting crime, Eric Toney says.

Republican attorney general candidate Eric Toney, who is the Fond du Lac County DA, says Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul has defunded prosecutors and law enforcement, showing he “isn’t serious about addressing the violent crime epidemic.

Toney also called out Kaul for his failures to effectively manage the state crime lab. (Read our investigative piece on that here.)

“Josh Kaul is pushing a recycled, liberal wish list of ideas which shows he isn’t serious about addressing the violent crime epidemic. He has defunded prosecutors and law enforcement from DOJ when more police officers and resources for law enforcement are what’s needed,” Toney said in response to a big media push Kaul is making for election time on crime.

Toney says the AG’s press conferences on crime obscure his failed record on the issue.

“It takes a focus on traditional law enforcement — not political posturing and defunding the police — including more police officers, more prosecutors, and more resources to end this homicide epidemic, not less,” said Toney.

“I’ve provided steps we must take to stop the violence in Milwaukee and prevent it from continuing to bleed into the rest of Wisconsin. First, add 10 additional criminal prosecutors and additional DCI agents to DOJ. Kaul has either cut or left unfilled critical prosecutor and DCI positions that work with local law enforcement to investigate and prosecute violent crime throughout Wisconsin.”

He added: “Second, the DOJ should obtain original criminal jurisdiction within Milwaukee County.  Gov. Evers must step up to the plate and tell the Legislature he would sign legislation that would give the DOJ the power to prosecute crime in Milwaukee County that is being ignored.  This would allow the DOJ to better work with local law enforcement and prosecutors in Milwaukee County to take on hundreds of cases that Milwaukee is either unable or unwilling to prosecute

“Third, revisit mandatory minimums for violent crime, revise cash bail, and fix the failing crime labs by ensuring it is properly staffed and funded. Kaul has reduced the effectiveness of the Wisconsin Crime Labs despite testing nearly 30% less items in comparison to former Attorney General Brad Schimel.”

At a time of soaring crime rates, Kaul’s crime lab is taking in far fewer cases (a trend that started BEFORE COVID-19), but it’s also taking longer to get police and prosecutors key evidence they need to get criminals off the streets, a review of his own data shows. Kaul has offered excuse after excuse for this fact, but the crime lab’s role in public safety has unquestionably diminished under his leadership


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