Josh Kaul Coldly Walks Away When Asked About Halloween Killer Victim’s Mother

Attorney General Josh Kaul coldly walked away on video when asked Thursday about the feelings of Maryann Gehring, the mother of Lisa Ann French, the little girl murdered while trick or treating by the Halloween killer in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Kaul’s office is still handling the case.


Gehring has accused Kaul of failing her and failing victims. The media have censored her comments. We asked Kaul his response to Gehring saying Kaul failed her and victims, and he stayed totally silent, walking away. We gave him multiple chances to respond, but he turned his back and walked away.

His staffer held out his hand to try to block the video. We confronted Kaul outside the AG debate.

Kaul’s office is handling ongoing civil commitment proceedings to keep Halloween killer Gerald Turner off the streets. They were initiated by AG Brad Schimel with help from Kaul’s opponent Fond du Lac County DA Eric Toney.

During the AG debate, Kaul was asked about an ad that Gehring appears in for Toney, and he brushed it off by saying it was political, basically accusing the murder victim’s mom of playing politics.

This is what Gehring said in the ad: “This time of year is very hard for me and my family because of Lisa’s murder,” Gehring said. “It’s difficult to see Josh Kaul lying about his record on crime. When you have a child that is brutally murdered, you simply want answers and justice. Josh Kaul failed me, and he’s failed Wisconsin.”

Gehring also took direct aim at Kaul in the ad. Kaul’s office is currently handling ongoing commitment proceedings against Turner, initiated by his Republican predecessor.

“It was Halloween. My daughter stopped at three homes: Her girlfriend’s house, her teacher’s house, and the man that murdered her. He molested her. He put her in a garbage bag. He was going to be released in 2018,” the mother says in the commercial.

She continued: “Josh Kaul, he was not there for me at all. You want some help to find out what is going on, and he doesn’t help. He doesn’t care about the victims. I know Eric Toney does. Eric Toney kept that man who murdered my daughter from being released. Eric Toney has always been there for me and that’s the kind of attorney general we need.”

During the debate, Kaul also mistakenly said Turner is “behind bars.” He is the subject to civil commitment proceedings, known as the Chapter 980 or sexual predator law (which was authored as a result of his case.)