Josh Kaul Coldly Walks Away When Asked About Halloween Killer Victim’s Mother

Attorney General Josh Kaul coldly walked away on video when asked Thursday about Maryann Gehring, the mother of Lisa Ann French, the little girl murdered while trick or treating by the Halloween killer.


Gehring has accused Kaul of failing her and failing victims. The media have censored her comments. We asked Kaul his response to Gehring saying Kaul failed her and victims, and he stayed totally silent, walking away. We gave him multiple chances to respond, but he turned his back and walked away.

His staffer held out his hand to try to block the video. We confronted Kaul outside the AG debate.

Kaul’s office is handling ongoing civil commitment proceedings to keep Halloween killer Gerald Turner off the streets. They were initiated by AG Brad Schimel with help from Kaul’s opponent Fond du Lac County DA Eric Toney.