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Saturday, July 13, 2024

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State Supreme Court Suspends Judge Blomme, Withholds His Pay


The Wisconsin Supreme Court has suspended Judge Brett Blomme from his duties as a Milwaukee County judge and is ordering his pay withheld.

The order came down from the state’s highest court on March 17 after Dane County prosecutors charged Blomme, a Children’s Court judge, with seven counts of child pornography possession. The criminal complaint accuses Blomme, who has extensive ties to Democratic politicians, of sharing and downloading graphic videos showing toddlers and other children being anally raped and subjected to oral sex with adult men.

Read the court’s order here.

Read the criminal complaint here.  [FOREWARNING: It’s extremely graphic and disturbing.]

Judge Blomme’s Court Hearing

A court commissioner earlier in the day allowed Judge Blomme to have unsupervised contact with his own young children, rejected a prosecutor’s request to ban Blomme from all Internet use, and gave Judge Blomme a $500 signature bond.

The Supreme Court’s order states, “The court has learned that Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Brett R. Blomme has been charged with felony criminal offenses. This court is charged in the Wisconsin Constitution with exercising superintending and administrative authority over the courts of this state. In the exercise of that constitutional authority and in order to uphold the public’s confidence in the courts of this state during the pendency of the criminal proceeding against Judge Blomme, we conclude that Judge Blomme is currently unable to properly discharge his official duties and that the public interest requires that he be temporarily relieved of those duties.”

The court continued, “Accordingly, IT IS ORDERED, in the exercise of the court’s superintending and administrative authority over all courts in the state, Wis. Const. art. VII, § 3(1), that Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Brett R. Blomme is temporarily prohibited from exercising the powers of a circuit court judge in the State of Wisconsin and that his judicial salary is temporarily withheld, effective the date of this order and until further order of the court.”

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