Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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Parents Beware: The LGBTQIA+ Rainbow Cult Has Come for Your Kids


The author is a 16-year-old public high school student in SE Wisconsin. She wants to warn parents of how the LGBTQIA+ agenda is targeting youths.  Her name withheld for her protection.  

Before I begin, I’d like to say that I’m not homophobic or whatever names the full-grown, basement-dwelling leftists like to hurl at 16-year-old girls in desperation of virtue signaling their ‘wokeness.’ However, I understand that those people need to release that bottled-up self-hatred and anger somehow, and, fortunately, I don’t let their mudslide of words oppress my First Amendment right like they wish it would.

Okay, let’s begin. 

In case you’ve been living under a rock, this past June has been pride month. Looking past all the pretty rainbows and sparkly confetti they like to campaign with, the LGBTQIA+ agenda (yes there are more letters than that- I like to call it the alphabet soup) is more complex and ridiculous than most adults know.

It’s recently occurred to me that while parents are out working their jobs and being successful, functioning members of society,  their kids are being exposed to drag queens, sex education, and gender dysmorphia by trusted entertainment providers like Nickelodeon. The education system has begun to make kids decide their gender/pronouns before they can read a book cover-to-cover, and social media is a breeding ground for sexual predators masqueraded with pretty rainbows. 

So, you might ask, how is the LGBTQIA+ agenda targeting America’s youth? What has this agenda turned into? I’ll do my best to give a rundown. LGBTQIA+ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersexual, and Asexual (or Alli). Some other sexual orientations include Autosexual (the attraction to oneself), Demisexual (only having sexual attraction if there is an emotional bond – because having morals is a sexual orientation now), Pansexual (sexual attraction is limited to no gender or orientation) and many, many more, of which I have linked here.

Now on with the identification sector. Gone are the days when there were only two possible ways you could address someone; he/him/his and she/her/hers. Now, being gender fluid and non-binary is a new norm. Gender fluid means that a person, at any one time, can change the gender that they want to identify as. It’s popular to wear colored bracelets and change them based on how one feels, pink if they’re feeling like a girl, blue for a boy, and green (or a variation of colors) for non-binary. Non-binary is when a person feels that they don’t belong to either gender, so they identify as they/them.

It doesn’t stop there, though, because there are living, breathing people out there who want to identify as numerous animals and inanimate objects using ‘neopronouns.’ They go about this by identifying as something like ‘kitten self.” All of this, while being absolutely ridiculous and almost comical, is also being normalized and encouraged by the left. 


Beginning in early June, Nickelodeon broadcast a music video featuring drag queen Nina West, “The Meaning Of Pride.” The video spotlights Nina West dressed in a colorful costume dress, informing the viewer of what the pride flag colors meant, explaining the transgender flag, as well as broadcasting the POC flag (which has now been included onto the pride flag).

Another sing-along music video was featured in the kids’ show Blues Clues, a show I used to watch religiously as a child. The video features a cartoon of drag queen Nina West (once again) as he sings a parody to the children’s song “The Ants Go Marching.” The video starts out with cartoon animal families who have ‘two mommies” and “two daddies” who “love each other so proudly.” The video then progresses to broadcast non-binary dolphins, transgender beavers, bisexual sheep, asexual turtles, and a pansexual bird. Yes, let’s introduce these young, immature, bendable minds and allow them to decide incredibly permanent decisions about their bodies before they can cross a street by themselves. 

Children and Sex Transitioning

Elle Palmer is now a 21-year-old female who transitioned from female to male when she was 16 after a traumatic incident with an older man online. Elle states that after seeing a therapist from the LGBTQIA+ community who was “excited” to start Elle on her transition, Elle began taking testosterone supplements. Three years after her transition, Elle began to regret her transition and realized that she did not want to be a man.

Elle is just one example of many, many kids who thought they knew what they wanted, but it ended up deeply affecting their life negatively. Elle will now have to live with the bodily effects that testosterone supplements had on her young, underdeveloped body for the rest of her life. She was only 15 when first exposed to the idea of transitioning. The media are exposing kids 10 years younger than her to these ideas. 

The LGBTQIA+ Agenda

To any parents, like mine, who first underestimated the impact on the day-to-day lives this movement has on their children, download the TikTok app. Check your child’s school’s budget and what the money is spent on because my school found it necessary to install an “all-inclusive, family bathroom” instead of buying math textbooks. TikTok is an enormous platform for this movement with many, parts of the LGBTQIA+ represented on it.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the LGBTQIA+ creators are absolutely lovely people who create fabulous content, but with that comes a breeding ground for predators. James Charles, one of the most well-known and successful creators, has overwhelming evidence against him for allegedly grooming and even pressuring straight men into sexual activity, as well as allegedly defending men who groomed and sexualized underaged boys. Jessica Yaniv, a transgender woman, has been caught allegedly blatantly grooming young children online, young girls specifically.

The Catholic Church

Even in Catholic churches, sex abuse is prevalent. The church of England received more than 900 complaints of over 3,000 instances of child sex abuse with over 900 victims in the years between 1970 and 2015. One victim made an estimate that from the ages 11 to 15, a priest sexually assaulted him hundreds of times, with the boys’ compliance used as blackmail against his sister going into a convent. You can read more about this disgusting scandal, which was hidden from the public for years, here.

The Seattle Pride Parade

This year, Seattle Pride Parade held a $50 admission fee for white people to pay for ‘reparations,’ while all other races got in free. Racism against white people? That’s preposterous. Clearly charging (in an attempt to punish) people who never owned slaves and gifting money (that absolutely was not earned) to people who never were slaves makes lots of sense and will solve the civil war on the horizon (please note my sarcasm). Pride parades also banned gay police officers from celebrating their pride until at least June 2025, because as we all know, “all-inclusive” doesn’t mean including those who don’t fit the agenda. NYC Pride used this tactic as a way for law enforcement to “acknowledge their harm and to correct course moving forward.” 

Alok Vaid-Menon

Alok Vaid-Menon is a thirty-year-old “trans and non-binary” activist, as well as the author of the whopping 64-page book, titled “Beyond The Gender Binary.”

Vaid-Menon identifies as ‘non-binary,’ meaning he wants to be addressed as “they/them.” However, he lost all respect after the sexualizing and victim-blaming of little girls.

The post below was posted on a poetry page run by Vaid-Menon called “Darkmatter”. This was posted years ago, when the debate of trans people being allowed into their transitioning genders’ public bathrooms was the biggest internet controversy but had been oppressed and hidden by Twitter, by banning accounts and removing posts involving Vaid-Menon’s post.

Vaid-Menon describes little girls as ‘kinky’, among other disgusting, bizarre adjectives. I’m going to point out the obvious here and say that describing little girls as ‘kinky’, therefore sexualizing small children, is quite literally in the definition of “pedophilia.”

I’d also like to point out Vaid-Menon’s line that reads “But we also need to seriously overhaul the idea that there is a perfect victim anywhere,” as well as “the supposed purity of the ‘victims’ remained quite stagnant.”

Vaid-Menon used actual quotation marks when referring to the little girls who had been assaulted by evil, disgusting “transgender” men. So I’d like to try to understand this: 

The left pushes the narrative that any minority who lives in the United States is automatically and systemically a victim despite living in the most privileged country in the world. However, innocent little children who were brutally and mercilessly assaulted by grown men are not victims.

But it doesn’t stop there. According to Vaid-Menon (who is clearly qualified to speak on behalf of little girls because he, of course, has been a “cute little girl”, despite being born a biological male), these innocent little girls were asking for it. “No one is a perfect pure flower that can be corrupted”, writes Vaid-Menon, the self-proclaimed feminist.  But don’t fear, for Big Tech partnered up with the LGBTQ community to sweep this pedophilic and predatorial incident under the rug.  


The purpose of this opinion piece wasn’t to attempt to bring down or give any LGBTQIA+ members a bad name, it was just to bring to light the realness and darkness that can be hidden behind the rainbows and ‘love’ that is abruptly shoved in our faces. The fact of the matter is that the left loves to feed and support the illusion of oppression to brainwash groups of people into getting under their wing.

The left is pushing their rainbows full of corruption and manipulation onto the general public, then ambushes those who question their agenda with homophobia, transphobia, cancel culture, and the threat of their entire career. The left is like Death Valley: a huge barren desert that desperately and unsparingly sucks up anything they can get with yet again nothing to show for it, while also posing a fatal threat to any living thing that hasn’t conformed to its agenda. 

Wisconsin’s Largest Business Group Sues Over Evers’ 400-year School Funding Veto

(The Center Square) – There is now a legal challenge to Gov. Tony Evers’ 400-year school funding veto.

The WMC Litigation Center on Monday asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to take up their challenge to the governor’s summer veto that increased per-pupil funding for the next four centuries.

“At issue is Gov. Evers’ use of the so-called ‘Vanna White’ or ‘pick-a-letter’ veto,” the group said in a statement. “The governor creatively eliminated specific numbers in a portion of the budget bill that was meant to increase the property tax levy limit for school districts in the 2023-24 and 2024-25 fiscal years. By striking individual digits, the levy limit would instead be increased from the years 2023 to 2425 – or four centuries into the future.”

The WMC Litigation Center is an affiliate of Wisconsin Manufactures & Commerce (WMC), the combined state chamber and manufacturers’ association.

Litigation Center Executive Director Scott Rosenow said while Wisconsin’s governor has an incredibly powerful veto pen, there are limits.

“No Wisconsin governor has the authority to strike individual letters or digits to form a new word or number, except when reducing appropriations,” Rosenow said. “This action is not only unconstitutional on its face, but it is undemocratic because this specific partial veto allows school districts to raise property taxes for the next 400 years without voter approval.”

Wisconsin lawmakers and voters approved a constitutional amendment in 1990 that put limits on the governor’s veto power.

Rosenow and the WMC Litigation Center say the governor’s veto goes beyond those limits.

The legal challenge also raises the constitutional issue that all state spending has to originate with, and be approved by, the legislature.

“In no uncertain terms, 402 years is not less than or part of the two-year duration approved by the Legislature – it is far more,” concluded Rosenow. “The governor overstepped his authority with this partial veto, at the expense of taxpayers, and we believe oversight by the Court is necessary.”

The WMC Litigation Center is asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court to take the case as quickly as possible.

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Trump's First Criminal Trial

Five Key Questions Ahead of Trump’s First Criminal Trial

Jury selection is set to begin Monday in the first-ever criminal trial of a former U.S. president.

Former President Donald Trump has pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts related to charges he paid hush money to adult film actress Stormy Daniels through a lawyer and covered it up as a legal expense before being elected president.

Trump has attempted to delay the start of the New York state trial several times, including three longshot tactics judges rejected this week.

What charges does Trump face in the New York hush money case?

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has charged Trump with 34 counts of falsifying business records related to money paid to Daniels and another woman, former Playboy model Karen McDougal. Bragg has alleged Trump broke New York law when he falsified with the intent to commit or conceal another crime.

Prosecutors allege Trump falsified internal records kept by his company, hiding the true nature of payments that involve Daniels ($130,000), McDougal ($150,000), and Trump's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen ($420,000). Prosecutors allege the money was logged as legal expenses, not reimbursements. Both Cohen and Daniels are expected to testify.

Cohen is expected to be a key witness in the trial. Daniels has said she expects to testify.

Former Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., Bragg's predecessor, did not bring the case to trial.

What happens on Monday?

Prosecutors, defense attorneys and Donald Trump are expected to be present when the trial before Judge Juan Merchan gets started Monday. The first step will be picking a jury, a process that could take a week or more depending on how things progress. The trial is expected to last six to eight weeks.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys will select 12 jurors and six alternates from a pool of potentially hundreds of people. Each juror will answer 42 questions designed to determine if they can be impartial in the high-profile trial of a polarizing former president. The jurors will remain anonymous because of security concerns.

Once a jury is seated, it's on to opening statements where prosecutors and defense attorneys will get to address the jury about what they plan to show during the trial.

What is Trump's defense to the charges?

Trump has maintained he did nothing wrong and has accused Bragg of bringing a politically motivated case involving conduct in 2016 during a presidential election year as Trump faces incumbent Joe Biden in a rematch of the 2020 election.

Trump has spoken out against the judge, the district attorney and other involved in the case repeatedly. Trump's comments prompted a gag order from the judge who said Trump can't talk publicly about certain people involved in the case and their families.

"The White House Thugs should not be allowed to have these dangerous and unfair Biden Trials during my campaign for President. All of them, civil and criminal, could have been brought more than three years ago. It is an illegal attack on a Political Opponent. It is Communism at its worst, and Election Interference at its Best. No such thing has ever happened in our Country before," Trump wrote on his social media platform Truth Social this week. "On Monday I will be forced to sit, GAGGED, before a HIGHLY CONFLICTED & CORRUPT JUDGE, whose hatred for me has no bounds. All of these New York and D.C. 'Judges' and Prosecutors have the same MINDSET. Nobody but this Soros Prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, wanted to take this ridiculous case. All legal scholars say it is a sham. BIDEN'S DOJ IS RUNNING THE CASE. Just think of it, these animals want to put the former President of the United States (who got more votes than any sitting President!), & the PARTY'S REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, IN JAIL, for doing absolutely nothing wrong. It is a RUSH TO THE FINISH. SO UNFAIR!"

Will Trump take the stand?

That's not clear yet. Trump said last month that he'd be willing to testify at trial if needed.

Could Trump go to jail?

It's too earlier to tell what will happen if Trump is convicted. Under New York state law, falsifying business records in the first degree is a Class E felony that carries a maximum sentence of four years in prison.

Trump's age and lack of any prior criminal convictions could work in his favor at sentencing if he's convicted. His attacks on the judge could have the opposite effect at sentencing. Before sentencing, the judge would look at sentencing guidelines, recommendations from prosecutors and any other pre-sentence reports.

In late March, Trump said that he wasn't worried about a conviction when asked if he thought a conviction could hurt his chances of returning to the White House.

"It could also make me more popular because the people know it's a scam," he said. "It's a Biden trial, there is no trial, there's a Biden trial."

Whatever happens during the trial, Trump will be protected by the U.S. Secret Service.

Even if convicted and sentenced to jail, Trump could continue his campaign to re-take the White House.

"The Constitution does not bar felons from serving as President," said Richard Hasen, professor of law and political science at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Trump could not pardon himself from any state charges, Hasen said.

Ty Bodden

Rep Ty Bodden Announces Candidacy for New 3rd Assembly District

Rep. Ty Bodden has announced his candidacy for the new 3rd Assembly District. Bodden was elected...
Justice Anne Walsh Bradley

Liberal Justice Anne Walsh Bradley Not Running for Reelection

(The Center Square) – Wisconsin’s next supreme court race could be even more contentious and even more expensive than the last one.

Liberal Justice Anne Walsh Bradley on Thursday surprised the state when she announced she will not run for re-election next year.

"My decision has not come lightly. It is made after careful consideration and reflection. I know I can do the job and do it well. I know I can win re-election, should I run. But it's just time to pass the torch, bring fresh perspectives to the court," Walsh Bradley said in a statement.

She is one of Wisconsin’s longest serving justices, serving her third 10-year term on the court.

“In the 177-year history of the court, only four justices have served longer than my length of service,” she wrote.

Walsh Bradley’s decision means the next election will be open.

Former Republican attorney general, and current Waukesha County judge, Brad Schimel has already jumped into the race. There aren’t any declared Democrats yet.

Schimel on Thursday said Walsh Bradley’s decision isn’t changing anything for him.

“From the beginning of my campaign, I made it clear that I’m not just running against one person, I’m running against this Court’s leftist majority,” Schimel said. “I wish Justice Ann Walsh Bradley well in retirement after decades of public service. I look forward to continuing the fight to bring integrity and respect for the Constitution back to the Supreme Court of Wisconsin.”

Wisconsin’s last race for the supreme court, in April of 2023, set records for spending. The race between Justice Janet Protasiewicz and former Justice Dan Kelly cost more than $56 million. That makes the 2023 Wisconsin race the most expensive judicial race in American history. Many court observers and politicos in Wisconsin say the 2025 race could be just as expensive, or even more expensive.

Protasiewicz’s victory flipped the Wisconsin Supreme Court to a 4-3 liberal majority for the first time in 15 years.

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Lawsuit Against State Bar of Wisconsin

State Bar of Wisconsin Changing Diversity Definition to End Discrimination Suit

(The Center Square) – The State Bar of Wisconsin isn’t ending its diversity clerkship that faced a federal discrimination lawsuit, instead it is changing the definition of diversity.

The State Bar agreed to tweak the program and make it about the diversity of ideas and experiences, rather than base the clerkship on race and gender.

“The settlement clarifies the definition of ‘diversity’ but makes no changes to the program,” State Bar Executive Director Larry Martin said. “The Diversity Clerkship Program, which has been creating opportunities for Wisconsin-based law students for three decades, will continue to exist and to operate in its current form.”

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty sued, saying it’s against the law to hire anyone based on race or gender.

WILL Associate Counsel Skylar Croy said they have had to make it a habit to remind people of that fact.

“Defeating unconstitutional DEI programs has become WILL’s area of expertise, and we are not stopping here,” Croy said in a statement. “While we are pleased with this victory, we know the fight is far from over. In fact, this is only the beginning of a movement, and our lawsuit will provide a roadmap for future victories in all 50 states.”

WILL has also sued over DEI programs at the University of Wisconsin that it says are race-based.

The bar said the only thing that is changing about the Diversity Clerkship is the focus on race in its definition of diversity.

“Under the settlement, the new definition states: Diversity means including people with differing characteristics, beliefs, experiences, interests, and viewpoints. Diversity promotes an environment in which all individuals are treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their differences and without regard to stereotypes, and helps to ensure a better understanding and consideration of the needs and viewpoints of others with whom we interact,” the bar added.

WILL sued on behalf of Daniel Suhr, who is a lawyer in the state and is required to be a member of the bar.

After the settlement, Suhr said the new definition is the first step toward restoring fairness to the Diversity Clerkship.

“Premier internship opportunities should be available to students based on merit – not race. I am proud to partner with WILL to set a strong precedent for the next generation of law students,” he said in a statement.

The Diversity Clerkship Program is a 10-week, paid summer job where first-year Marquette University Law School and University of Wisconsin Law School students are matched with law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies.

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Group Allegedly Involved in Pre-pandemic Wuhan Coronavirus Research to Testify Before Congress

Lawmakers plan to interrogate the head of Eco Health Alliance, the group accused of conducting dangerous coronavirus research in Wuhan, China just before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic will hold a public hearing May 1 where Dr. Peter Daszak is expected to testify. Daszak is the president of Eco Health Alliance, a U.S. nonprofit health research company that used taxpayer-funded grants to conduct coronavirus research.

The lawmakers on the committee also allege that newly obtained documents show Daszak’s previous testimony misled the committee or misrepresented the facts.

“These revelations undermine your credibility as well as every factual assertion you made during your transcribed interview,” the letter said. “The Committees have a right and an obligation to protect the integrity of their investigations, including the accuracy of testimony during a transcribed interview. We invite you to correct the record.”

One of those obtained documents appears to show Daszak saying he plans to work with Wuhan researchers.

A federal grant database shows that Eco Health Alliance received millions of dollars since 2014 from the federal government to study coronaviruses that originate in animals and in some cases can transfer to humans, with an emphasis on China.

A key and highly disputed part of the inquiry is whether Eco Health Alliance’ research included making coronaviruses more dangerous,.

Under former President Donald Trump, the federal National Institutes of Health cut all funding to the group in question over the controversy.

Under the Biden administration, funding has been restored, and NIH has emphatically stated that Eco Health Alliance did not play a role in the start of the pandemic.

“Unfortunately, in the absence of a definitive answer, misinformation and disinformation are filling the void, which does more harm than good,” NIH said in a 2021 statement. “NIH wants to set the record straight on NIH-supported research to understand naturally occurring bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, funded through a subaward from NIH grantee EcoHealth Alliance. Analysis of published genomic data and other documents from the grantee demonstrate that the naturally occurring bat coronaviruses studied under the NIH grant are genetically far distant from SARS-CoV-2 and could not possibly have caused the COVID-19 pandemic. Any claims to the contrary are demonstrably false.”

In 2022 and 2023 NIH awarded Eco Health Alliance a total of at least $1,230,594 to research “the potential for future bat coronavirus emergence in Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam.”

The idea that the COVID-19 virus began in a Wuahn lab was once denounced as a conspiracy theory but has now gotten more widespread credibility.

The FBI announced last year after its investigation that COVID-19 most likely came from a Wuhan lab. That news came just after the Department of Energy also said the Wuhan lab was most likely the origin of COVID-19, though neither agency expressed a high degree of confidence in that theory.

Other groups have suggested it came from the Wuhan wet market, though no definitive answer has been settled on.

Trump's First Criminal Trial

Trump Calls for Sanctions, Censure of Special Counsel Jack Smith

Former President Donald Trump called for special counsel Jack Smith to be sanctioned or censured for "attacking" the judge in Trump's classified documents case.

Trump's comments on Thursday come after Smith and his team of prosecutors made it clear they think Judge Aileen Cannon's latest ruling was based on "an unstated and fundamentally flawed legal premise." Prosecutors objected to Cannon's order to produce proposed jury instructions under two different legal scenarios. Smith said both legal scenarios were flawed.

In response to the judge's order, prosecutors said they need clarification on Cannon's position so they can appeal if needed. They asked the judge to decide before the trial if the Presidential Records Act "has an impact on the element of unauthorized possession" of classified documents. Failure to do so could make it impossible to prosecute Trump because of the double jeopardy clause in the Fifth Amendment, which prohibits anyone from being prosecuted twice for the same crime.

Trump lashed out Thursday morning.

"Deranged 'Special' Counsel Jack Smith, who has a long record of failure as a prosecutor, including a unanimous decision against him in the U.S. Supreme Court, should be sanctioned or censured for the way he is attacking a highly respected Judge, Aileen Cannon, who is presiding over his FAKE Documents Hoax case in Florida," Trump wrote in a message posted to Truth Social.

Trump also said Smith shouldn't be on the case.

"He shouldn’t even be allowed to participate in this sham case, where I, unlike Crooked Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and all the rest, come under the Presidential Records Act," Trump wrote. "I DID NOTHING WRONG, BUT BIDEN DID, AND THEY LET HIM OFF SCOT-FREE. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN, JACK? A TWO TIERED SYSTEM OF JUSTICE. ELECTION INTERFERENCE!"

Trump has pleaded not guilty to 40 felony counts that allege he kept sensitive military documents, shared them with people who didn't have security clearance and tried to get around the government's attempts to get them back.

Trump faces a rematch against President Joe Biden in this year's presidential election. Trump also faces three other criminal cases in New York, Georgia and another federal case in Washington D.C. He's used millions of dollars in campaign contributions to pay his mounting legal bills.

Trump also is appealing a $464 million fine in a civil case in New York. He posted a $175 million bond to appeal that decision.

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