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Lloyd Austin, Spending & Biden’s Idea of the ‘American Dream’ [Up Against the Wall]


Spending Bill

Shut it down! Shut it down! Shut it down!

According to FiscalData, the federal government spent $6.13 trillion dollars! That’s trillion with a T. That’s almost $17 billion a day in spending. If the Republicans shut the government down for 90 days, we would save $1.5 trillion dollars! Even if they exempted the military and national parks, there would still be enormous savings to shutting down the government for a brief period. In fact, if they shut down the government for 30 days every quarter, think of what the taxpayers would save = over $2 trillion every year! And hardly anyone would even notice a 30-day shutdown.

Secretary of Defense

Did I read that right? 113 attacks on U.S. forces since Lloyd Austin went into the hospital and didn’t tell anyone? How bad does this have to get? What everyone is missing in this story is that Mr. Austin’s behavior comes from a culture of lying, omitting the truth, cheating and corruption – a culture that comes from the top – Biden. Just like at Wells Fargo Bank where they were stealing customer identities and opening fake accounts in their name, this kind of behavior comes from leadership’s own example of how to behave. It’s no wonder their whole administration is f’d up.

Madison Schools

Likewise with Madison schools deciding they’re going to eliminate grading students at East High. (Of course, this is probably just running the idea up the flag pole to see how much resistance they get before implementing the same stupid policy across the entire district.) This new policy is part of the culture of failure of liberal leadership in the district – and since the students are failing to be taught and they’re not learning, the district leadership needs to get rid of any accountability for their own failure and that means getting rid of grading.

Chinese Illegal Aliens

So the Chinese get 5 questions instead of 40 when crossing the border illegally. This comes after (allegedly) years of paying off the Biden family syndicate. Hmm, coincidence? You decide. But my question is – how many are Chinese communists who are working for the Chinese government and have orders to disrupt our economy once they attack Taiwan?

Illegal Total

So I estimate that under Biden there will be 12 million illegals having crossed into the U.S. by the time Biden is out of office. A reported 100,000 Americans have died from drugs coming in across the border – with most likely these drugs coming from China. But hey, as long as the Bidens can keep (allegedly) getting paid off…I guess we should all turn our heads. As I mentioned, the Democrats are most likely planning to count these illegals in the next census in order to increase their headcount in Congress.

Grocery Stores

Very soon grocery stores will now have to track the entire food chain for every food product from farm to processor to distributor to grocery store – yep, for every food item in the store!

Thank you very much Bureaucratic Biden and his gang of thieves. How they are going to do this is beyond me, but I’m told there are now consultant companies (of course!) that are going to handle it, and make a lot of money doing it. Of course, you’ll pay more for food.

Biden’s Idea of the American Dream

Think how a young person sees the world today – they’re told the world is going to end due to climate change; they’re going to die from COVID; they have to go to college and take on $100,000 to $200,000 in student debt for a worthless piece of paper that won’t pay them enough so they can pay back their student loans, even in 20 years; inflation killed their earning power and the wage increases Trump got them; Democrat-negotiated bad trade deals killed good paying manufacturing jobs in their small town; hospital emergency rooms packed with illegals getting free health care while they, an American citizen, wait in line for hours and end up with a big fat bill; schools that don’t teach them anything but focus on woke brainwashing instead; and lastly, high crime, high food prices, and high gas prices. Welcome to the new Biden America!

But hey, vote for them, because they care. Yeah, right.

How long will half this country keep voting for these morons?

On October 18 and November 23, 2023 Donald Trump tweeted out on Trump’s Truth Social account T. Wall’s October 6th column on Trump’s property valuations. T. Wall holds a degree from the UW in economics and an M.S. in real estate analysis and valuation and is a real estate developer. Disclaimer: The opinions of the writer are not necessarily those of this publication or the left!

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