Insane Midtown, Milwaukee, Shooting Videos: ‘Is It a…War?’

These Midtown Milwaukee shooting videos are insane. Milwaukee’s Midtown neighborhood was a shooting gallery on Sunday evening, May 2, 2021, and the shocking videos make it sound like Baghdad or some other war zone. People took over a shopping center parking lot for a party and have started calling the area “Club Midtown.” Watch below. Be forewarned some of the language is graphic.

“I was sitting outside as this happened,” wrote the woman who captured one of the videos, which you can see below. “Is it a f***ing war going on at Midtown (which is like a mile away from my house).” There were “hundreds of gunshots,” according to Fox6. One woman wrote on Facebook that people were carrying guns in “plain sight” before the shooting started.

A man wrote on Twitter, “They had a whole shooting contest at Midtown, hopefully lil bro…made it home straight.” Said another, “who tf named it club midtown that is a parking lot.”

A woman wrote on social media: “i keep hearing cars tryna speed away, sounds like crashes. smh wooooowwwwww. It was in Milwaukee, at Midtown shopping center. It started off as a hugeee ass outside parking lot party & this is how it ended.”

This video shows how crowded the area was with cars.

The massive amount of firepower comes as crime in Milwaukee is up 34% over last year at this time, yet some aldermen focus on defunding the police rhetoric. The city has already systematically reduced the number of sworn officers on the streets by 18%, and the DA, John Chisholm, is rejecting about 60% of cases brought over by police agencies for charges, including felonies and gun cases. The city’s police chief, Alfonso Morales, is demanding his job back after a judge overturned his illegal demotion, and the city has had two acting chiefs in a short duration amidst a completely dysfunctional Fire and Police Commission.

According to WTMJ-TV, two men, ages 21 and 23, were shot and are in the hospital after a shooting just before midnight in the parking lot of the Midtown Shopping Center in the 5700 block of W. Capitol Drive. The suspects are “unknown.” WTMJ’s Vince Vitrano wrote on Twitter, “Gunfire broke massive street party on the north side. Social media calling it ‘Club Midtown.’ Fond du Lac and Capitol Drive packed with cars late last night, then a storm of gunfire.”

Midtown Milwaukee Shooting Videos

CBS 58 reporter Kim Shine wrote that, in addition to that, “a 37-year-old man died after being shot nearby Midtown near 53rd & Vienna.” It was a bloody weekend. According to Fox6’s Suzanne Spencer,

#Milwaukee weekend crime recap:
-2 people injured in Midtown shooting overnight
-1 man dead in shooting at 53rd & Vienna
-38 year old man stabbed to death on the south side
-a child shot and killed at 37th & Marion Sunday morning
-18 yr old woman killed in shooting

Despite the seriousness, some people acted like it was all a joke on Facebook. “Y’all was thirsty asf tryna get to midtown and ended up in call of duty,” wrote one woman, complete with laughing emojis.

Another video shows a man’s body lying in the street. We are not sharing that one, but people cluster around, and he doesn’t move.

Here’s photos from the scene.

We wrote Milwaukee police for more details.

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