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My RV Trip: ‘Identifying’ as a Trucker | Up Against the Wall


So I took an RV trip out west, Moab, Utah, specifically. Fantastic place. Three national parks are close by. A few random observations.

First, the national parks. So the National Park Service implemented a reservation system, exactly like you were booking a movie at a theater. Nothing is random anymore. You have to use a computer or phone to book a reservation in advance, usually well in advance, and you can’t just show up. This means that you have to plan well ahead. Your whole trip changes as a result. The weather sucks on the day you reserved? Tough luck. That’s the day you bought the ticket for. The ticket was only two bucks per vehicle, but at Glenwood Springs the hike up to Hanging Lake was $12 per person! Ouch.

The Park Service has turned our national parks into movie theaters. You need to buy and reserve a seat in advance. They could instead simply do demand-pricing, where they simply charge a premium during peak hours to get patrons to schedule their entry outside of peak hours. The system has eliminated spur-of-the-moment fun; everything has to be planned out – even a hike in nature.

But I will give the Park Service credit. They finally have made improvements to the parks after decades of neglect.

Second, construction activity and trucking. America is definitely on the move. Tons of trucking going on. On the way out and back, I noticed a lot of industrial construction – warehouses and the like, some apartment construction, and one small office building in the mountains. So there’s still a lot of construction activity going on. Wisconsin definitely seems to be at a higher level of activity though – given the school referendums and government construction along with private sector apartment construction.

Third, driving an RV two days out and two days back, the trucker community didn’t really accept me as one of their own. I drove a 40-foot Super C RV with a Freightliner cab. In other words, I drove a truck with an RV box attached. I even have a truck-style pull horn, and I was sitting at the same height as the truckers and could see them eye to eye. I would even flash my lights when another truck passed me, a standard courtesy to let them know they could pull back into my lane safely. But rarely did a trucker do the same for me, by flashing his lights.

So, effectively I identified as a trucker, even though I was an RVer. I was driving a truck, I had a truck horn, a truck engine, and a truck cab, so I don’t see why they couldn’t accept me into their community as one of their own. I admit, I am a vehicle-fluid person. Sometimes I’m driving the RV, sometimes my jeep, and sometimes I drive a Ford F150 pickup truck for work, in which case, I identify as a redneck (or farmer) pickup truck owner – although my F150 is clean. Haha.

By extension, a friend of mine realized that the next logical extension of this whole business of men pretending to be women to compete against women in sports and scholarships is that eventually there will be men who own businesses who could identify as women, registering as women or minority businesses so that they can qualify under the state rules to satisfy some percentage requirement. The libs won’t be able to do anything about it since doing so would destroy their whole argument that it’s okay for men to play the part of women.

Where will it end?

Rv tripT. Wall holds a degree from the UW in economics and an M.S. in real estate analysis and valuation and is a real estate developer. Disclaimer: The opinions of the writer are not necessarily those of WRN or the left!

Donald Trump posted Wall’s October 6, 2023 column on October 18, 2023, on valuing Trump’s properties on his Truth Social account.


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