Saturday, July 13, 2024
Saturday, July 13, 2024

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Opinions on Liberal Self-Created Problems [Up Against the Wall]


Governor Evers

Where do I begin? So many problems. The Governor, er, I mean the Governor’s chief of staff allegedly having a relationship with a subordinate. Of course, since she runs things, I guess she can do whatever she wants. Haha. Then there’s Governor Evers’ burner email account. (I wonder if Evers set up that email and sent those emails or if the governor-in-waiting Gau sent them?) This has really gotten twisted. I think Evers has to throw Gau under the bus if he wants to survive; blame it all on her. Makes sense. She really runs the show anyway, from what I hear. He’s out playing pickleball in the driveway of the Governor’s mansion in the later afternoons on nice days. (I ought to know; when I lived four houses down from the Governor’s mansion, I could see he and his wife playing in the driveway.)

Contrary to the storyline that the Governor’s office has put out to the media (that swallowed it whole without question), his office is trying to claim that his secret and potentially illegal email account was for security reasons. (Wait, I’m confused, was that statement put out by Britt, the communications director reporting to Chief of Staff Gau, who she is having an alleged secret relationship with?) He’s got a big problem legally if he did not release the emails to people who filed open records requests but is refusing to release the 17,000 records.

I call b.s. First, he was emailing his own department secretaries, not personal emails, which don’t require secrecy, but it (the law) does require transparency. If he had a personal matter to take care of, like scheduling a haircut, fine, for that he can use a private email account, but NOT using the government email system and not using a taxpayer email to potentially hide from the open records laws.

How much alleged law breaking is going to be tolerated by the legislature before they impeach someone? No amount of mansplaining is going to excuse the governors’ (Evers and Gau) blatant and deliberate actions. And by the way, didn’t Hillary do the same thing? Didn’t she also have a burner account? I guess they learned from her.

This country is in serious trouble when liberals get away with whatever they want, while innocent conservatives are targeted with fake crimes and prosecuted for something they never did, unless, unless we get a Senate with some courage to stand up for democracy and exercise their balance of power – by impeaching someone to set the example.

Madison Homeless Problem

A homeless problem when we have a booming economy and a labor shortage. Who would have guessed?! Of course, it doesn’t help when Biden lets in nearly 10 million illegal aliens.

Attention city. Stop. Just stop. The city doesn’t seem to understand (or maybe they do) that the more services and freebies that the city provides to the homeless, the more homeless magically appear in town. Surprise! and duh. The Wisconsin State Urinal reported on a couple who ‘migrated’ to Madison recently. Why? Why on earth would a couple come to Madison at the start of winter? I’ll tell you why. Madison has created what we call an attractive hazard. That’s when you create a hazard that actually attracts people to it, only to get hurt. Like flies to fly paper.

The homeless used to leave Madison around this time, not come here. They’d go south, to warmer climates. Smart. But the city has changed that dynamic by offering more and more free stuff to attract more homeless here. From renting multiple entire hotels out by East Towne Mall (thereby destroying a billion dollar tax base there), to providing meals, and a lot more, word got out among the homeless ‘community’, and now more come here – only to suffer from the harsh winters because they are unprepared for it. (Let’s face it, no one really is prepared for 20 below zero for two weeks in January.)

Now the city is going to build a 250-bed men’s homeless shelter right next to Planned Parenthood (where women go) at a cost of $22.5 million. That’s $90,000 per man! OMG. They might as well give each guy $5,000 and send them off to a warmer city, with an agreement not to return. They’d be better off and we would too, and the city would save money too.

But nope, their plan is to keep doing the same thing over and over, with no results. Yes, that’s the definition of insanity, but since it works for the school district, the city probably figures it will work for them too! Haha. Give it to the left, they don’t let a lack of results stand in the way of spending more of your money – on the same problem, over and over again. They just keep saying that they need more money, you know, to really fix the problem, this time.

And they’re not looking at the same historical path that other cities followed and then failed. Nope, they’re going to go right down that same path. Here’s the recipe for disaster in cities across America that Madison is implementing – 1. Attract more homeless, don’t prosecute criminals, instead let them go free to victimize others again; 2. Continuously raise taxes under the guise of the government needing more money; 3. After creating the problem of high taxes, high crime, and hopelessness for the masses, let the homeless and crime drive the middle and upper classes out of the city to the suburbs; 4. Then raise taxes more to compensate for the reduction in property values as the city declines, and then tax the remaining residents and businesses more; and lastly, 5. drive the remaining businesses out too.

Amazingly, it’s been tried hundreds of times in cities across America, only to fail every single time. But hey, why let failure stop you? You’re a smarter city, you know better, so your program of high taxes, soon to be skyrocketing deficits, and dozens of new high crime slums you have created with Section 42 housing must work – because you said so! You passed an ordinance – so it must work.

The Market

Likewise with the city’s proposed ‘market’ – where the city is locating at a huge expense a food market in a low-income neighborhood with near zero day time employment nearby. They don’t understand that when you sell a premium product (like they do at the Milwaukee food market), you need higher incomes and lots of employees to buy it. I would hate to see the market fail, but that’s what’s going to happen. It should be located downtown.

The Economy and People

So, allegedly the economy expanded at a 5.2% rate, and yet, people are anxious and unhappy. Why? Because it’s just like going to a big party with lot of drinking and extravagant expenditures; everyone knows the party will be over at midnight and you’ll turn into a pumpkin. But then there’s the hangover, and that’s what’s coming. The economy and the stock market have enjoyed the party from $6 trillion of excess spending for the party, now we’re entering the hangover period. Consumers have over spent; contractors are telling me they have lost a lot of construction projects put on delay and lack a pipeline into next year; and there are other signs of a slow down in summer 2024.

Why do people feel anxious during an economy growing at 5.2%? Because they are under constant attack by a super-sized government issuing new mandates and regulations every day. The government tells what size our shower head can be, how much water can be in our toilets, what interest rate we pay on our mortgage, the color of our garage cans, that we won’t be able to drive a gassed car very soon, and every other detail of our lives.

Concluding Observation:

Liberals believe in evolution – except when it comes to a sustainable green future – then they want to cram it down our throats immediately via mandates on EVs and climate change.

On October 18 and November 23, 2023 Donald Trump tweeted out on Trump’s Truth Social account T. Wall’s October 6th column on Trump’s property valuations. T. Wall holds a degree from the UW in economics and an M.S. in real estate analysis and valuation from the #1 real estate school in the U.S., the Wisconsin School of Business, and he is also a real estate developer. Disclaimer: The opinions of the writer are not necessarily those of this publication or the left!

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