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Saturday, May 18, 2024

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Our Dangerous Turning Point


By: Paris Procopis

Don’t let extremists control our future.  

We are at a dangerous watershed moment in American history at this time, and people need to focus, or our nation will perish into the trash heap of history.

At this point, most of the nearly 75 Million+ Trump voters feel that they have had something taken from them. They also feel blamed for a riot almost all of them didn’t attend and frightened by the new era of censorship it has ushered in.

Since Nov. 3, there has been mounting evidence of irregularities in almost all the swing states. Everything from statistical anomalies that ALL benefited Joe Biden, to sworn affidavits from hundreds of witnesses reporting problems in the major Democrat cities.

Unfortunately, this has all landed on deaf ears. Most of the evidence was never seen in any court due to technicalities of ‘standing’, etc.  On top of that, the mainstream media has basically refused to cover any of the allegations.

After nearly five years of constant fabricated scandals and fake impeachment, this has left Trump supporters both angry and frustrated. Fast forward to the Trump rally in DC,  the frustration seemed to hit a tipping point when ‘rally attendees’ breached the perimeter of the US Capitol and entered the building.

Let me be clear, I absolutely condemn this action! While there are rumors that it was ANTIFA protesters dressed in Trump gear, who instigated the incursion, it is largely uncorroborated and doesn’t really matter who breached first. Unfortunately, most were actual Trump supporters who seemed to get caught up in the moment and followed like lemmings. According to arrest records, we now know that many were fringe Trump supporters who are QAnon followers.

Let me be clear. There were tens of thousands of people who were at the rally. These QAnon types only represent a tiny fraction, and DO NOT represent the average Trump supporter. The overwhelming majority of Trump supporters are patriots. The ones who stormed in are clearly not patriots.

Nonetheless, using the ‘riot’ as an excuse, we have had most of the large tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube all banning Conservative thought and eliminating Conservative social media apps from their platforms.

Yes, Conservatives have been forced to create their own economy and platforms, but just like modern day book burning, the Leftist tech giants have forced platforms like Parler off the Internet.

Being forced to create a separate Conservative economy? What the hell is happening?

It’s only a matter of time before we have our generation’s version of the ‘Red Scare.’ Just like the Communist blacklist of the McCarthy era, there could end up being a blacklist of Trump supporters.

Hyperbolic? Well, we are already seeing people getting doxed and losing their jobs or having their businesses boycotted. If some on the Left like AOC have their way, it will get a lot worse.

Clearly these actions have built and fueled the anger even more. Now, there are over 20,000 Guard troops at the nation Mall because of more threats of violence and destruction before the inauguration on the 20th.

Let’s be real, normally, no true conservative patriot would dare desecrate our national monuments or beat up cops.  After seeing several flyers, memes and emails going around calling for armed protests at the Inauguration, I can only conclude that this seems to have ANTIFA written all over it.

Do I think it will be all ANTIFA people? Heck no! Given the emotional state of many Trump supporters coupled with the Democrats’ second ’sham’ impeachment of President Trump and all the social banning, I’d say there’s a chance that many will give in to anger and show up…armed.

I am telling you all to take pause and think about this logically, not emotionally. DO NOT ATTEND THESE RALLIES, ANYWHERE! You are being played by left-wing propaganda and the left-wing media. The left wants an insurrection, so they have an excuse to curtail our rights.


I understand the anger and frustration; I’m angry too. However, I am not going to push our Republic further onto the brink.

I know there are many who feel that we are beyond a political solution. Ask yourselves this, do you want our cities to look like Beirut? If millions of people take to the streets and become violent, then we become a nation of guerrilla warriors and our country is essentially finished. There will be no turning back.

I swear to you all that we are NOT finished. We need to get back into the political fight. Those who say we cannot rely on politicians for this fight, what the hell do you think a constitutional republic is?  As Conservatives, we have seen many Republicans cower like wet noodles; it’s time we start primarying them or TAKE their power altogether and form a 70 Million+ strong 3rd party.

Remember how bad things were when President Obama had 100% of the government; look at the successes that we had in the tea party early on… We can do this again, only better and quicker!

There may come a day where we may be left with no further options, but this is not that day!

About Paris Procopis

Paris is a contributing author to the Wisconsin Conservative Digest, blogger and host of the webcast, The Paris Procopis Show


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