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Wisconsin Parents’ Bill of Rights Faces Likely Evers Veto


While Republicans support the Bill of Rights, Democrats don’t. The bill passed the Wisconsin Assembly on Tuesday.

The proposal to spell out just how involved parents can be in their children’s education continues to face opposition at the Wisconsin Capitol, even as it moves forward.

A handful of parents turned out to support the Parents’ Bill of Rights during a hearing in the Senate Committee on Education on Wednesday.

Mom Julie Zaccaria told lawmakers there needs to be a state structure to balance the relationship between parents and local schools that she says has shifted over the past few years.

“The battle is against a system with what seems like endless financial, legal, and political backing” Zaccaria explained. “Children are being victimized and parents have no recourse.

Zaccaria made headlines last year when she publicized a graphic sex survey in her child’s school in Brookfield.

Mom Scarlett Johnson, who was one of the leaders of the Mequon-Thiensville school board recall, said parents feel shut-out by their local school boards and school administrators. She pleaded with lawmakers to step in.

“I continue to be very surprised that partnership with parents is considered controversial,” Johnson said. “They’re involvement should be welcomed. It’s ideal. Considering the considerable learning deficits that must be addressed, it’s necessary. Teachers, parents, and administrations need to work together.”

While Republicans support the Bill of Rights, Democrats don’t. The bill passed the Wisconsin Assembly on Tuesday.

Sen. LaTonya Johnson, D-Milwaukee, pressed parents as to why they aren’t taking these complaints up with their local school boards.

“Your children’s schools are attended by hundreds of individuals. Right now, I see three parents who are here asking for this,” Sen. Johnson said.

The moms say they did bring these issues to their school boards, months ago. And all of them said they received platitudes or no responses at all.

“These are not hard things that we’re asking,” mom Johnson said. “We’re asking to know what are our kids learning in school? What books are they reading? What are the supplemental materials?”

Parents’ Bill of Rights

The Parents Bill of Rights is on track to be approved in the Wisconsin Senate. But as with most education legislation in Madison this year, it is also on track to be vetoed by Gov. Evers.

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