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Ron Johnson Confirms 2022 Senate Reelection Run


Ron Johnson has confirmed he will be running for reelection in 2022. Here is his press release:

OSHKOSH – On Sunday, Ron Johnson announced he will run for reelection to represent the people of Wisconsin in the U.S. Senate. Senator Johnson was first elected in 2010 and was reelected in 2016. Ron Johnson first ran for Senate to fight for Wisconsinites and it’s clear that the fight is far from over.

“In 2010, I promised I would always tell people the truth and that I would never vote with re-election in mind. An extension of that promise is that I don’t conduct myself worrying about re-election. When re-election is not your primary motivation, those are easy promises to keep – and I have faithfully done so. That attitude is relatively unique in Washington, and it may be one reason why many appreciate having me involved in the national debate,” said Senator Johnson.

“So today, I am announcing I will continue to fight for freedom in the public realm by running for re-election. It is not a decision I have made lightly. Having already experienced a growing level of vitriol and false attacks, I certainly don’t expect better treatment in the future. In order for my campaign to succeed, I will need the support of every Wisconsinite who values the truth and refuses to allow lies and distortions to prevail.”

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) is “definitely running for reelection,” prominent conservative talk show host Mark Belling says. The information was confirmed by three other news outlets, citing sources.

“Exclusive: Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is definitely running for reelection and will make his announcement imminently @markbellingshow,” Belling wrote on Twitter on Jan. 7, 2022.

CBS News is also reporting that Johnson “is expected to run for reelection and kick off his campaign next week,” a source told the network. It would be his third term. WISN-TV reported the same information through a source. Politico also confirmed that Johnson is running again, citing three GOP sources.

That ends the long-running drama about whether the senator, who has become an obsession of the local media, would run again. It also is likely to alter the governor’s race in Wisconsin; combat veteran Kevin Nicholson is widely expected to run for governor if Johnson runs for U.S. Senate, as expected.

“Help Kevin Take Back Washington,” Nicholson’s website still said on Jan. 7, 2022.

Former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and Jonathan Wichmann are the announced candidates in the governor’s race. Former Congressman Sean Duffy recently bowed out of a bid for Wisconsin governor, despite the urging of former President Donald Trump. Kleefisch recently released her first TV ad:

There are multiple Democrats trying to unseat Johnson, including Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes and Alex Lasry, the son of the Milwaukee Bucks’ owner. See a round-up of Barnes’ top four most shameful moments here.

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