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Monday, June 24, 2024

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Terrorizing Americans: Crime, Wars Under Joe Biden [Up Against a Wall]


The mayhem that is going on currently is a direct result of decisions by Joe Biden. (I won’t even call him president anymore because someone else is running the country, we just don’t know who.)

First, we have the massive increase in crime – a result of his decision to allow 15 million illegal aliens in and his decision to support the prior defunding of the police.

Second, we have the wars – Russia against Ukraine, Hamas and Iran against Israel, China against every nation of the South China Sea, Syria, etc. etc. Total chaos all the time. And our military is nowhere near ready to defend us given Biden’s defunding of the military.

Third, we have the government terrorizing its own citizens in the name of DEI, green, climate change, Hamas, and whatever the latest leftist fad of the day is. If you say the wrong thing, you can be canceled or prosecuted. Use the wrong pronoun, and you’re the crazy one.

Fourth, you have the government raising interest rates in an attempt to bankrupt the country, not just the federal government with its massive $34 trillion of debt, but also the obvious, very obvious, financial attack on businesses that will soon jeopardize the banks unless the Fed lowers interest rates soon.

Fifth, you have the massive increase in regulation since Biden and Evers got in office. Take their “war against poverty.” Their solution is always more regulation. But you know what, the best way to fight poverty is a strong economy and a good job. But nope, why do the obvious?

Because that would involve less regulation, and they’re not in favor of that, because less regulation means less control for them. Just like with housing and their new phrase “housing crisis” – that’s designed to create a sense of urgency, which then allows them to break the rules for their “crisis.” Their answer to their crisis is, of course, more regulation, when the real answer is less regulation and lower fees and costs (and lower interest rates).

Example – the left here in Dane County wonders why housing costs so much. Hmm, I can’t imagine. They voted for Biden who gave us massive construction material inflation and triple interest rates. And of course, the massive increase in local government fees here and regulations has also contributed heavily towards the higher cost of housing. In fact, they’re trying hard to invent new ways to bring in revenue every day – by charging for every single little government work task – tasks that they should be doing anyway because they are already being paid to do their jobs.

Did you know that the county charges developers $50 for providing each address for new housing lots? Yeah, $50 per address, which means we’re paying $2500 for 50 addresses for a typical small subdivision. (And these idiots can’t even provide us with address numbers that aren’t repeated, i.e. they give us the same address number on one street and then give us the same exact address number on an adjacent street – so the post office screws up the mail delivery!! You can’t make this stuff up!)

But it’s always someone else’s fault – the developer, conservatives, angry white males (like me, haha). Everyone is to blame but their own actions that caused all these problems.

I was watching Fauci (on Monday) sit there and lie to Congress about his COVID pandemic. He was in charge, and his agency under his leadership funded the illegal experiments in China, experiments that were illegal in the U.S., which is why he chose to conduct those experiments in China. Then he lies about it after his crazy experiments caused a worldwide pandemic. No accountability. But hey, that’s Biden’s administration for you, and it permeates all the way down to state and local government. (And now scientists want to seed metal bits into the sky to influence the weather and introduce bacteria into farm soils to eat carbon dioxide; God help us if one of these hair-brain ideas goes wrong, which it will. And guess what? You’re funding this crazy sh*t.)

Remember, in pre-Revolution America, the British terrorized Americans. They pushed them around, bullied them, over-taxed them, tried to disarm them, demanded unlawful entry into their homes, demanded Americans patronize only monopoly-positioned British companies, and worse – convicted Americans of petty crimes “against the crown” and imposed severe punishments.

Crimes that were mostly about speaking out against the government (or crown as they called it). Hmm, kind of reminds you of a certain candidate for president being ordered to keep his mouth shut in regards to the crown, err, the judge, the court, and anyone else who is badmouthing him without restriction.)

And now we’ve returned to those days…but the crown is Biden.

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