Friday, May 17, 2024
Friday, May 17, 2024

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The Environment, Joe Biden & Other Topics [Up Against the Wall]


Hamas and Hospitals – Hmm, so Israel was right, Hamas was using the hospital for hiding out and storing weapons and running their operations.

In all those protests calling for Israel to cease fire, I have not heard one peep out of those protestors to call for Hamas and the Palestinians to cease fire or to put down their arms.

All they have to do is lay down arms and raise their arms – above their heads, then Israel would have to stop fighting also, but of course, the left never calls on the aggressor to cease and desist, they only want the victims to stand down from defending themselves from an aggressor, just like they protect criminals and ignore victims.

Dan Senor made a really good point, Hamas had a ceasefire prior to Oct. 7, but on Oct. 7, Hamas ended that. Why should Israel give them a get-out-of-jail-free card now?

The consequences of Israel not crushing Hamas and the terrorists are these:

First, other terrorists organizations will be empowered to launch more attacks. It’ll just get worse with a ceasefire.

Second, China, Russia, and Iran will again take that as a sign of weakness and
they’ll step up their attacks worldwide. China will attack Taiwan and we’ll have WWIII on our hands. Thank you Biden.

Protestors at the DNC – So, now we have an insurrection at the DNC headquarters in Washington D.C., but only one person gets arrested at last report, and no one else goes to jail. Chaos rules again, and leftist protestors get a pass while regular Americans who love their country get long prison sentences for walking inside a building we all own.

The China green deal…we’ll never know the real deal or the concessions Biden’s handlers made to China to get Xi to pretend that he’s ‘green’. You know what the biggest threat is to the world environment: war. And who has prompted two new wars that have done more damage to our environment than any president since FDR.

Tommy Thompson – has become a distinguished godfather of Wisconsin politics. He was the featured speaker at a fundraiser for the Republican Party of Dane County and he was on fire!

He gave an impassioned speech about the desperate shape our country is in and why it’s so important to vote for candidates who love freedom and liberty. He talked about how the party is bringing in more minorities and how Republicans are the party of entrepreneurs and hope. His energy level was infectious and his message was right on target.

Climate change, climate change, climate change. If I hear one more thing about climate change… Why do the Dems think that they can stop the climate from changing? That’s a pretty big task – given the earth’s climate has been changing and evolving over billions of years.

Remember your history? Two ice ages…Wisconsin had a huge lake in the middle of it at one point, and America had a huge sea in the middle of it and no rocky mountains. It’s like the Dems think they can stop the climate from changing over time – maybe they even think they can stop the earth from rotating on its axis. Maybe they’d like the earth to be flat. Biden-flation – So I used to pay $4.50 for a vanilla latte, but now I pay $6.50. That’s Biden- flation.

Cereal used to cost typically $2.00 to $3.50, but now a box is an outlandish $8.50. That’s Biden-flation.

Rents have gone up by huge percentages. The cost of a low-end newly constructed home now runs $550,000 to $650,000, when not too long ago it was only $380,000 to $450,000. Then there’s shrink-flation – when a half gallon of milk, at 64 ounces, is reduced in size to 52 ounces, but still costs the same. Even the box of facial tissue I buy was reduced in size. How bad does it have to get before Americans wake up and vote him out of office?

On October 18, 2023 Donald Trump tweeted out on Trump’s Truth Social account T. Wall’s October 6th column on Trump’s property valuations. T. Wall holds a degree from the UW in economics and an M.S. in real estate analysis and valuation and is a real estate developer. Disclaimer: The opinions of the writer are not necessarily those of this publication or the left!


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