Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Trump’s Legal Problems: The Reality [Up Against the Wall]


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to bad mouth Trump (I voted for him, twice), but we do need to talk about his legal challenges.

First, let me provide you the standard professing that the election was stolen, so we can get that out of the way and move on to fighting to win 2024. (Warriors that fight yesterday’s battles lose the war.) Anyone living in socialist Madison knows what I am talking about; ballot drop-box stuffing, ballot harvesting in nursing homes and the homeless, the usual 20,000 mysterious ballots that always manage to show up around 2 a.m. in a trunk of a car in Milwaukee. (I wonder how that always happens…)

Continuing: The Madison city clerk illegally registering non-residents to vote by sending them a letter from her when they lack any evidence of residency and have an out-of-state license so that they can return to the city clerk with her letter as proof of residency; the UW-Madison paying students to vote and registering non-residents to vote (and offering to help register them in their home state to vote too); ballot stuffing parties at city parks, and on and on and on. Even my own daughter witnessed (while working at the registration table at a Madison polling booth) numerous instances of law-breaking – registering people that lacked proof of residency, and even rejection of a voter who possessed a concealed carry permit (as proof of residency). So don’t tell me the election wasn’t stolen.

But…we need to talk about the (Republican) elephant in the room. I’m going to give you my own non-legal opinion from a non-lawyer but from my real experiences – dozens of times in the courtroom suing or defending myself from various private parties and governments, including one judge. (Yes, I sued a judge for breaking the law and won.)

Trump is now under 4 separate criminal indictments. Each case will begin in the courtroom in, yep, duh, you guessed it, 2024, election year! The usual October Surprise moved forward! Normally a case would take two to three years to complete with both sides throwing motions in, prep work, etc., but in these cases the liberal persecutors (er, I mean) prosecutors want this to move quickly. Likewise, the liberal judges want the case to be heard during the election year and the ‘conservative’ judges probably want their cases to be moved ahead as well – possibly to clear Trump’s name.

First, there’s the timetable for these cases – all back to back. One starts in January, one in March, and it looks like another may be starting in May, with the fourth one – who knows? Usually, each one would take a year, but these guys want to jam four cases into less than twelve months. I don’t see how that can work. Something will have to give, but each prosecutor wants to be first, so they can find Trump guilty and be a hero to the left. Being last won’t hold much weight.

It’s obvious the persecutors and judges want to tie up Trump during the campaign. As I said, I’ve been involved in many (civil – business) trials that can be wrapped up in a week, but criminal trials can run weeks or months, and unlike a business trial, a criminal trial requires that the defendant be present in the courtroom. That means months of Trump personally being tied up in court for each day of the trial, and since there are four trials, each taking weeks or months during the campaign season, they will tie Trump up for the entire year – the entire campaign season. That means no campaigning for Trump – for most of 2024. (I’m sure the judges will put gag orders on him just so they can hold him in contempt and put him in jail just for exercising his right to free speech and to defend himself in public.) Meanwhile, the prosecutors will be leaking information all the time.

Sure, his campaign can try to turn the trials into his defacto campaign for office, but Trump can’t speak during the trials. This means the entire campaign season will be shot for Trump. Worse, I have no doubt that the fourth prosecutor will try to get his case scheduled during the Republican convention.

Then after a conviction, which is bound to happen given juries in Washington D.C., I suspect the judge will order Trump bound over without bail – i.e. send him straight to jail, do not pass go, even though Trump will appeal. They want to lock him up – during the campaign.

It’s a mess. So the question will be, no matter how great Trump was as president, how will the Republican party deal with a candidate who is not campaigning, not available, and will likely end up in jail? I’m not saying he did anything wrong; we all know this is a political prosecution, but there is the reality of having to deal with the situation. Stay tuned….

T. Wall holds a degree from the UW in economics and an M.S. in real estate analysis and valuation and is a real estate developer. Disclaimer: he opinions of the writer are not necessarily those of this publication or the left!


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