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Why You’re Not Safe Under Biden [Up Against the Wall]


So, the United Auto Workers union endorsed Biden while many truckers support Trump. Other than the billions of dollars that Biden is throwing at the auto manufacturers for EVs, Biden’s real agenda is to destroy the traditional auto industry, so I don’t understand why the UAW would endorse a guy who is trying to crush their livelihoods. It’s kind of like how the left loves cities, but at the same time, they destroy the cities they live in. None of it makes sense, so don’t try to explain their thinking.

The auto industry is not safe under Biden, our nation is not safe under Biden (the economy and crime), and the world is not safe under Biden (two wars and another to come). (Phrase for the week – “You’re not safe under Biden.”)

Not convinced? Hmm, how about those Mexican cartels franchising their operations in every major U.S. city starting with on-the-job training in petty theft? How about those Chinese communists who are mysteriously showing up at the border after taking expensive flights from China to Mexico? What do you think their plans are? (Recall I was the first to point out the franchising of crime networks and the likelihood that those Chinese are here to disrupt our society when China attacks Taiwan.)

And if you’re an auto worker, what do you think will happen to your wage level and to all those unskilled jobs? These illegals, once permitted to work, will take those jobs from you, as well as force the market wage level down, because once you have 15 million new illegals here, many hungry for work, the lowest wage earners are going to take a pay cut. So it’s not safe for them either.

The only way out of this that I see is for Trump to announce right now (pun intended) that he will a.) send all those who entered during Biden’s term back to Mexico (which will help convince others to stop marching here), b.) as an incentive to get them to leave, allow them to register upon exit and give them a priority to enter later legally, in limited numbers, or c.) if they don’t leave and don’t register, then they will forever be barred from entering the U.S. for any reason after they are rounded up and sent home. Period. (The registration would allow the INS to conduct a background check on each of them when they later apply to enter legally.)

You see, the progressive left loves to disrupt society, because disruption and chaos provides an excuse for their ‘solutions’ i.e. totalitarian methods of repression and denial of rights to be forced upon us (unless you’re a criminal of course). They need to have 15 million illegals that are dependent on their handing out our taxpayer money in order for the left to feel big, important and powerful. They need to kick you down and keep you down so that they so they can be on top. They need you to be a deplorable so they can be in the elite. They need to invent a whole new language of terms so that they are ‘in the know’, while us peons are left naive at their latest word-smithing.

It’s all very disconcerting. Not sure where this ends. Only one side can win the future of America. If the left wins, we know what we get – chaos, crime, lower wages, illegals that take priority over Americans, cheating, and a culture of death. If the right side wins, hopefully they can put a stop to all the nonsense and return safety and sanity to society.

I mean, when you read about how an all-girls school (St. Mary’s across the street from the University of Notre Dame) will accept men pretending to be women (which means using the girls’ restrooms, showers, dorms, etc.), you know the world has gone off the deep end. And that nonsense decision comes just a few years after that same school caught a male janitor peeping on the girls in the showers! But hey, forget that, let’s just invite the guys into the showers! I guess their administrators didn’t learn anything.

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