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Sunday, June 23, 2024

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Wisconsin Lifetime Fishing License Proposed


State Representative Ron Tusler and Senator Patrick Testin have proposed a plan to create a lifetime fishing license for Wisconsin residents.

The plan would permit residents to pay a one-time fee, and never have to renew their fishing licenses again.

“This bill would let anglers make a long-term commitment to their sport and to the future of fishing and conservation here in Wisconsin.”

Wisconsin fishing licenses are now $20.00 a year and must be renewed yearly.

The proposed lifetime fishing license would cost $577.50.

Testin said that’s about 30 years of annual fishing licenses. Wisconsin requires certain fish-specific stamps and would still be required under the plan.

Co-sponsor of the proposal, State Rep. Ron Tusler, R-Harrison, said the hope is to take away as many barriers as possible for fishermen in Wisconsin.

“This is an opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy the outdoors and develop a lifetime hobby,” said Rep. Tusler. “The lifetime license is a great option for avid fishermen or as a gift for a young family member just getting hooked on the sport.”

According to a press release, a similar proposal introduced by Tusler and Testin in late 2019 did not become law, but did earn broad bi-partisan support along with the backing of the Wisconsin chapter of Trout Unlimited.

The lifetime fishing license plan has yet to be scheduled for a vote.

Jim Piwowarczyk
Jim Piwowarczyk is an investigative journalist and co-founder of Wisconsin Right Now.

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